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Exercise of the month: Spine Corrector repertoire

For this month’s exercise, we have Kana Funabashi with us who guides us through a very insightful Spine Corrector repertoire session. A former dancer, Kana fell in love with Pilates after it helped her recover from a lower back injury. Kana is a STOTT PILATES® Certified, Merrithew® Lead Instructor Trainer, and co-founder of Sky Pilates Tokyo.

Kana guides us through 2 exercises that are excellent to strengthen the core and work on spine mobility.


For the first exercise, she guides us as she lies down on her side making sure that the side of the pelvis is on top of the barrel. Keeping the spine neutral. Slowly, start scissoring the legs in a way that the hips are moving in flexion and extension.

This exercise will also work the torso muscles, oblique, and the muscles on the supporting shoulder. Make sure to engage the oblique to keep the torso stable. She suggests focusing on the breathing while performing gentle motions. The hands should be pressed down while trying to reach the head away from the toes for the perfect posture.

Pro tip: while instructing a client, make sure to use imagery cueing to improve your client’s exercise and movement.

One arm-press

For this exercise, she starts in the same position as the previous exercise, slowly starting laterally flexing the spine and extending the supporting elbow as it moves up and down aligning with the arm’s motion. This exercise is also great to tone the triceps and oblique.

Make sure the legs are not wobbling and are moving as one unit. This exercise is great for those who want to focus on the sides and for people who are unable to do one-leg stance. It is best advised to do these exercises under the supervision of a professional instructor to ensure the utmost safety.

Pro tip:  use your triceps during the movement to avoid your body from wobbling. Ensure that the legs and torso are at the same height.

Enjoyed working out with Kana?

If you happen to be in Tokyo, make sure to register for the courses and workshops she will be teaching at Sky Pilates Tokyo.

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