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Why Black Friday is the best time to buy Pilates equipment and accessories?

Why Black Friday is the best time to buy Pilates equipment and accessories?

Black Friday is the best time to buy Pilates equipment and accessories and we have deals that you won't want to miss out on. With free shipping for orders over $99 to the U.S and Canada, this is the right time to equip your Pilates studio, Rehab clinic, or home gym with Merrithew® equipment. Just make your purchase between November 21 and November 28, and we will ship the select items to your studio.

Whether you want to expand an existing fitness space or establish a brand new Pilates studio, make sure you take advantage of these equipment and accessory deals.

Check out the top recommendations from our Leads ITs and get inspired before you shop!

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a massive, once-a-year shopping sale event that occurs the day after American Thanksgiving. While it began in the U.S., it’s since become a shopping bonanza worldwide, including in Canada, the U.K., Germany, Australia, and many other countries worldwide.

What to expect from this year’s sale?

This Black Friday, Merrithew brings you its state-of-the-art equipment at the lowest price of the year. From our CE-certified Rehab V2 Max Plus, the best-selling Cadillac/Trapeze Table, and the V2 Max Plus Reformer which is the top choice of professional athletes- you can equip your studio or home gym with the best equipment.

Student on Stability Chair

Did you know? All Merrithew equipment is manufactured using only premium materials and the finest manufacturing processes in the industry. Our equipment is versatile, durable, and used by fitness and healthcare professionals around the world.

When does the Black Friday sale start?

The Merrithew Black Friday sale starts early on November 21. Sign up and be the first one to know about the deals on Stability Chairs, Reformers, Stability Barres, and much more! This could also be your chance to win $500*!

Why is Black Friday a great time to buy Merrithew equipment?

Who doesn’t love a good deal? And Black Friday is the time Merrithew offers some of our greatest deals of the year. If you’re setting up a studio or a home gym, Black Friday is the perfect time to buy our premium equipment at a jaw-dropping discount.

Student using Foam Roller

Need more reasons to shop from our Black Friday sale?

  1. Save big on equipment purchases whether you’re launching a new studio, Rehabilitative Pilates clinic, or expanding your current gym or fitness space.
  2. Get ready for the Holiday season! Give your loved ones the gift of wellness and take advantage of the $99 free shipping to the U.S and Canada.
  3. Treat yourself too. If you’re a fitness enthusiast keen on introducing mindful movement to your exercise routine, now is the time for you to buy our premium equipment at the best price.

Black Friday shopping: do it the right way

  1. Browse through our collection and shortlist your favorite equipment and fitness accessories. Once you have an idea of all the available options, it’ll be easier for you to make a purchase.
  2. Watch our equipment overview videos to find out more about our Professional Reformers, Vertical Frame, Cadillac/Trapeze Table
  3. Learn from the pros in the Pilates industry on various ways to incorporate our equipment and accessories into your exercise routine.
  4. Consider a subscription to Merrithew Connect our online Pilates, fitness, and mind-body workout platform, for yourself or for someone who loves online workshops, where they can learn how to put all their favorite Pilates props and accessories to use.

Get ready to save big? Browse Merrithew equipment and pick your favorites.

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