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What is STOTT PILATES® for Rehab and how is it changing the Rehab landscape?


Industry trend reports show that the demand for Pilates is on the rise — and Pilates education has become a top choice for fitness instructors because it’s the perfect full-body workout to improve strength and flexibility, and is accessible to injured or mobility-challenged clients. Pilates is for everybody regardless of age or fitness level, from professional dancers and new mothers to seniors and NBA and NFL players.

Since 1988, Merrithew® has been committed to developing effective, responsible, and mindful exercise, incorporating the latest in exercise science, health and fitness practices.

Our premium Pilates program, STOTT PILATES®, is one of the safest, most effective exercise methods available. It emphasizes the importance of moving mindfully— with intention, focus, and awareness to connect the mind and body. STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation education combined with Merrithew equipment give you the knowledge, tools, and skills you need to add a Pilates revenue stream to your clinical practice.

And while it’s true that you can do Pilates on a restorative level to ease stress and anxiety, it has the potential for transformational results. Elite athletes do it to build stamina and ultimately improve their game, be it their golf drive, tennis serve, or baseball pitch.

What is the STOTT PILATES method?

STOTT PILATES is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by Joseph Pilates. Co-founders Lindsay G. Merrithew and Moira Merrithew, along with a team of physical therapists, sports medicine, and fitness professionals, have spent three decades refining this method of exercise and equipment. The inclusion of modern principles of exercise science, fascial fitness, and spinal rehabilitation makes it one of the safest and most effective methods available. Its clear and detailed approach forms the basis for STOTT PILATES training and Certification programs. STOTT PILATES is used by rehab, post-rehab and prenatal clients, athletes, celebrities, and everyone.

Pilates exercises help men and women of all ages develop optimal strength, flexibility, endurance, and posture, without building bulk or stressing joints. The perfect complement to cardiovascular exercise, athletic training, or rehabilitation, it can help you tone your body, feel revitalized and move with ease.

The STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation Program paired with Merrithew equipment can help Rehab professionals make their clinic practice stand out from the rest.

Why does the inclusivity and adaptability of Pilates make it the ideal tool for rehab professionals?

Designed for licensed health care professionals, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and medical and sports medicine doctors wishing to integrate Pilates exercises for injury prevention and rehabilitation into their practices, STOTT PILATES Rehab is a full-body, systemic approach using small props and a wide variety of space-saving equipment.

“We started offering Pilates as part of our services because we felt there was something missing from what we offered in terms of rehabilitation and real-life activities,” says Gayle, a physiotherapist, and co-founder of Lakeview Physiotherapy in Calgary, Canada. “Pilates fills this gap and satisfies the need for clients to be supported while performing more complex post-rehab exercises, but who may not necessarily be ready to join a regular exercise program.”

Ever wondered what Pilates would be like as a career choice, or as an augmentation to your current programming options?

The #1 issue for facilities when implementing a Pilates program is finding dedicated Pilates Instructors.

— Onsite Fitness Magazine survey

Here is what you should know:

  • The demand for qualified Pilates Instructors surpasses the number of available Pilates Instructors
  • Pilates equipment clients always work with an instructor, whether private, semi-private or in small groups
  • Pilates can be customized to suit everyone from rehab patients and elite athletes to active adults
  • Pilates can be combined with other exercises for outstanding fusion fitness

Why Pilates and Rehab?

Here is what’s unique about this approach:

  • All phases of the rehab spectrum can be addressed with a more holistic approach to clients’ needs
  • Proven STOTT PILATES movements and methods can be applied to aid in treatment and recovery
  • New knowledge and practical applications for rehab and general health and wellness can diversify your practice
  • Programming can be modified and adjusted to appeal to a new and diverse clientele

I have used STOTT PILATES for therapeutic exercise and neuromuscular re-education interventions in my physical therapy practice since 2003. I can effectively and safely treat a 90-year-old with a spinal fusion or an athlete who wants to improve performance and prevent injury.

Sara Baker PT, MS, OCS
Founder, Inspire Health, Atlanta
Merrithew Instructor Trainer, Rehab
STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor

Add STOTT PILATES at every phase of your patient’s wellness journey

Acute Rehab

While working one-on-one with a patient, use Pilates to focus primarily on the injured area or to address post-surgery needs.

How Acute Rehab can help your patients:

  • Use it as an assessment and treatment tool for addressing biomechanical compensatory patterns leading to dysfunction
  • Apply low-load, proprioceptive Pilates exercises in open, closed, or modified kinetic chain positions
  • Use resistance equipment to support and facilitate rehabilitative exercises and movement modifications


After some improvement, use Pilates in one-on-one or small group sessions to integrate the injured area and affected joints with other movements within the body.

How Post-Acute/Post-Rehab can help your patients:

  • Progress programming to address eccentric control of the injured region
  • Integrate a multitude of full-body movements on the mat with light props or on specialized Pilates equipment to work on joint and neural mobilization
  • Improve segmental and multi-segmental stabilization
  • Strengthen the musculoskeletal system

Ongoing health and wellness

Pilates can help patients build strength, prevent injury reoccurrence and promote ongoing healthy exercise habits for lifelong mobility.

How STOTT PILATES can help patients:

  • Add a Pilates exercise program for your patients to ensure they continue to maintain and build on the strength and stability gained during rehab
  • Reinforce proper biomechanical and neuromuscular patterns
  • Help patients acquire greater body awareness, control and movement confidence
  • Provide ongoing conditioning training, postural re-education, and progressive exercises with the help of a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor

Why choose STOTT PILATES for Rehab?

Merrithew training has been called “The Ivy League” of Pilates education. It’s a reputation that we are proud of and a philosophy and method you can build a career on. Deeply rooted in almost 30 years of experience educating students, our certification programs are not the quickest, nor can they be completed in a weekend — because we genuinely believe that to be an exceptional instructor you must learn your craft through and through.

STOTT PILATES Certified Instructors are an elite group of highly trained professionals who are actively sought after worldwide for their superior Pilates knowledge and skills. We provide and support our partners with in-depth training, high-quality equipment, and business solutions to help them start a business or grow their careers.

The integration of Pilates and Rehab is really an art as much as a science…

Damian Wyard
Certified STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation Instructor, MSc PT
Founder, Pilates4Physio

Want to know more about what makes STOTT PILATES the number one choice for Rehab? Learn more here.

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