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Give the Gift of Wellness With Our Instructors’ Favorite Fitness Props and Pilates Equipment

A female Pilates instructor guides her client through an exercise on the V2 Max Plus Reformer from Merrithew

Give the gift of wellness this year with fitness props and Pilates equipment for everyone on your list, from experienced Pilates practitioners and recreational athletes to beginner home fitness enthusiasts.

Our instructors share their favorite Merrithew® Pilates props and equipment, most memorable fitness gifts received, and top tips for surviving the shopping season.

For an experiential gift, motivate your friends and family to move mindfully this season with a subscription to Merrithew Connect, our streaming platform with 200+ new and signature Pilates, fitness and mind-body workouts. Pair that with our At Home Reformer for the ultimate all-in-one workout experience, not to mention a gift that will knock-it-out-of-the-park.

A young man practices Pilates on the Merrithew At Home Reformer

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Our instructors’ top fitness gift picks

Michele Carini, a Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer and owner of CorSano Pilates, a Host Training Center in Ottawa, Canada, on fitness gifting and receiving.

Michele Carini

1. Favorite Merrithew equipment or accessory:

The V2 Max Plus Reformer because of its incredible versatility. Any fitness professional trained in the Cadillac and Reformer would benefit from the V2 Max Plus. Some of my clients have their own V2 Max Reformers at home and we’ve been doing one-on-one sessions via Zoom throughout the pandemic. It’s impossible to become bored with this Pilates machine.

2. Most memorable fitness gift you’ve ever received and why:

I received a Peloton bike for Christmas 2019 and it’s been a fantastic and fun way for me to increase my cardio workouts, especially when it’s 20 below in Ottawa. Some of my clients jump on the bike to warm-up before their Pilates sessions too.

3. Black Friday shopping tips or advice:

Anything eco-friendly. I like the Non-Latex Flex-Band® because they never break or tear, are recyclable, portable and fit neatly into a Christmas stocking.

PJ O’Clair, Master Instructor Trainer and owner of Praxis Performance and Wellness and Northeast Pilates Education Center, a Licensed Training Center in Beverly, Massachusetts, U.S., on supporting your favorite fitness studios and professionals.

PJ O’Clair

1. Favorite Merrithew equipment or accessory:

My favorite small props are:

  • Mini Stability Ball - Large because it enables so much diversity in my online sessions. It provides bodyweight support with planks, a balance challenge with standing single leg squats and aids in mobility for many other exercises. I use it all the time
  • Non-Latex Flex-Band which I use for a lot of my fascial experientials because the texture of this band is superior to the latex bands in enhancing neural receptivity. Plus, the band is wide and sturdy to support the limbs. I love it

Anyone can benefit from the ball and band - they are perfect for everyone.

2. Most memorable fitness gift you’ve ever received and why:

My Apple watch is probably the best fitness gift I’ve been given. It helps me stay on track of my fitness goals and tells me when I’ve had a good day. It’s funny but I love the inspirational messages I get from it. Plus, it allows me to adjust my music when I am playing it in sessions.

3. Black Friday shopping tips or advice:

Do not go out to the shops or malls. Buy online and support people - buy packages with trainers, buy class sessions, buy on-demand sessions - support your favorite fitness professionals, studios and streaming platforms (like Merrithew Connect).

A male Pilates instructor practices an advanced exercise on the Pilates Cadillac

Carlo Yanez, a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor and STOTT PILATES Rehab Instructor, and director of Core Kensington and Core Windsor, a Host Training Center in the U.K., on pairing fitness props with Pilates education.

1. Favourite Merrithew equipment or accessory:

The Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder. This Pilates Reformer accessory gives group classes an extra punch. Bringing the Cardio-Tramp out for a spin at the end of a class always injects an extra layer of fun and challenge to my sessions. Especially if you don't have a dedicated plyometric class. Low impact, easy to insert on the Reformer and the clients absolutely love it. An absolute winner! For anyone who wants to learn how to leverage the Cardio-Tramp Rebounder, we’re offering a Merrithew workshop on this piece of equipment at the end of November.

2. Best fitness gift for students on the professional path:

At Core Windsor, a Merrithew Host Training Center, we offer discounted personal Pilates training sessions for exam preparations and group classes for all students who need support in their journey to becoming a great instructor. With two STOTT PILATES courses coming up this January and February, a gift certificate for a personal training session or group class may be the best fitness gift for any aspiring Pilates instructor.

3. Best holiday shopping tip or advice:

Black Friday is a perfect time to replace those worn out items in your studio or home gym, such as tired Reformer springs, exercise mats, or any small props you use a lot. Your clients will notice and love the difference.

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