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Exercise of the Month: ZEN•GA® Matwork Fascial Lines

January can be a stressful time of year, which is why we’ve put together an Exercise of the Month video that’s all about mobilizing and activating the body’s myofascial lines. These lines, or chains, transmit force across several areas of the body, storing and releasing elastic energy and stabilizing the joints.

This month’s two exercises, presented by Master Instructor Trainer Laureen DuBeau, come from our ZEN•GA® Matwork repertoire.

The first exercise, Functional Extension and Rotation, targets the posterior oblique fascial line, working the latissimus dorsi on one side of the body and the gluteus maximus on the other, while tensioning the thoracolumbar fascia between.

The second exercise, Cross Pattern Crunch, targets the anterior oblique fascial line, working the external oblique on one side all the way down to the adductors on the opposite side of the body.

Laureen shows how to progress both exercises from arm-only, to leg-only, to both movements together. And if you want an additional coordination and strength challenge, watch through to the end of the video!


  • Maintain a neutral spine when performing both exercises
  • When extending and lifting the leg in the first exercise, ensure you activate the glute; when rolling the ball towards the midline of the body in the second exercise, activate the lats on that side
  • To create an additional coordination and strength challenge in the second exercise, lift the leg that’s not on the ball into a tabletop position, crunching towards the left and right sides as you roll the ball towards the midline (use an imprinted position to help stabilize the lower back if necessary)
  • Use the breath pattern that works most effectively for you, but make sure you’re breathing and not holding your breath!

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