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Exercise of the Month: Cardio-Tramp® and Flex-Band® Loops Sequence

Our newest fitness accessory, the Flex-Band Loops, which come in two lengths and two strengths, are a fun way to diversify your private and group classes. This portable prop will intensify upper and lower body exercises, building strength and maximizing your clients’ workouts.

For July’s Exercise of the Month, Lead Instructor Trainer Saulo Ouverney has created a sequence on the SPX® Max Reformer using the Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder and the Flex Band Loops in regular strength. This sequence includes both upper and lower body exercises. If you want to create an added abdominal challenge for clients, drop down the spring tension so they have to focus on stabilizing the torso at the same time.

In this sequence, Saulo explains how to use the Flex-Band Loops around the thighs to activate the hip abductors both concentrically and eccentrically when the legs are opened and closed during a jump.

He also explains how to use the Flex-Band Loops to add resistance in a lateral pull-down exercise, activating the latissimus dorsi, teres minor, teres major and biceps.

Check out this sequence and let us know what you think in the comments!


  • Maintain a neutral or imprinted pelvis when jumping, making sure back extensors are not overworking
  • Think about leaving the Cardio-Tramp through the heels, balls of feet then toes. Land through toes, balls of feet then heels
  • Challenge clients’ endurance by counting the time instead of repetitions, especially when teaching in a group environment. We recommend 30 seconds to one minute per jumping interval
  • Make sure clients don’t rush the jumps. They should control through both phases of the jump — take-off and landing — especially eccentrically when they land
  • Keep the torso strong and steady in supine on the carriage when jumping and when kneeling with hips slightly flexed

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