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Exercise of the Month: STOTT PILATES® Golf Conditioning

As an Instructor it’s important that you understand key elements to sport specific performance and the end goal of the client. This golf conditioning sequence is geared at improving a golfer’s stance and swing. Some individuals could be dealing range of motion issues, stiffness and/or tightness that can affect their performance. Merrithew® Lead Instructor Trainer Leslie Wall breaks down a golfer’s positions and movements and looks at key elements to focus on from the ankles, hips, rotation, and shoulders, in order to incorporate fascia focused movements into the client’s sport specific workouts.


  • Dynamic Ankle Mobility: focus on the use of energy from the ground up
  • Mobility of the Hip Joint: release through the hip, front and back chain of the legs
  • Torso Rotation: Focus on creating awareness of rotation around a consistent spine angle, avoid side bending or using the arms instead of rotating the torso
  • Side Flexion: repeat flexing to the other side first, four times, alternating. Then repeat reversing the breath

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