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Spot the Difference: Cat Hinge on the Reformer

In this edition of Spot the Difference, STOTT PILATES® student Geure (Andrea) Bang performs the Cat Hinge on the Reformer, a movement from the STOTT PILATES Foundational Movement series. As shown in this video, the exercise focuses on using the Reformer’s spring tension and expansive breath to increase dynamic stability through the torso during the hinge pattern and through articulation of the spine.

Can you guess which photo shows the correct execution?

Cat Hinge - Photo A

Photo A

Cat Hinge - Photo B

Photo B

Answer: Photo A

Andrea’s form in photo A is correct because:

  • Pelvis is in neutral position
  • Spine is elongated from head to tailbone
  • Arms and shoulders are relaxed
  • Knees are hip distance apart

Andrea’s form in Photo B is incorrect because:

  • Arms are locked
  • Torso and pelvis are not in line and head is dropped
  • Back is hyper extended

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