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Exercise of the Month: Cat Hinge on the Reformer

Incorporate Fascial Movement elements into your STOTT PILATES® Reformer repertoire with the Cat Hinge exercise, part of the STOTT PILATES Foundational Movement series. This movement focuses on using the Reformer’s spring tension and expansive breath to increase dynamic stability through the torso during the hinge pattern and through articulation of the spine. The hip hinge is a foundational movement pattern that relies on movement of the pelvis on the femurs and when performed on the Reformer incorporates, expansion through hydraulic amplification, and increasing tension integrity through the push and pull dynamic.

  • We use a SPX® Max Reformer but if you are using a V2 Max or Rehab V2 Max Reformer you can kneel on a Padded Platform Extender or even on a Reformer Box
  • Make sure to start in a neutral position with the arms and shoulders relaxed
  • When doing the hinge, stay in a neutral position keeping the spine elongated from the head to the tailbone
  • Be mindful of your arms – don’t lock them while pressing the carriage and feel the energy reaching out through the hands

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