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Spot the Difference: Side Step Down

In this edition of Spot the Difference, STOTT PILATES® Trained Instructor Rebekah Im performs the Side Step Down from the STOTT PILATES repertoire on the Split-Pedal Stability Chair™. This exercise works on stability and endurance within the torso and shoulders. Here, the spring tension on the chair has one heavy spring placed low and one heavy spring placed high.

Can you guess which picture shows the correct form?

Side Step Down Photo_A

Photo A

Side Step Down Photo_B

Photo B

Answer: Photo B

Rebekah’s form in Photo B is correct because:

  • Pelvis and spine are neutral
  • Hip bones are level
  • Legs are laterally rotated from hip joint
  • Knees are tracked in line with the toe
  • Ankle of the gesture leg is plantar flexed
  • Shoulders are stabilized

Rebekah’s form in Photo A is incorrect because:

  • Spine is laterally flexed
  • Pelvis is tilted anteriorly
  • One hip is hiked
  • Knee on the chair leg is not tracked properly
  • Shoulders are elevated and rolled forward
  • Too much weight is on handle
  • Gesture foot is plantar flexed

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