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Bundle Up: Choosing the Right Reformer Bundle

Choosing the Right Reformer Bundle

It’s no secret that investing in a Reformer can expand your business. And each Reformer accessory that you add expands potential client offerings even more. When choosing the right bundle for your fitness space, it’s important to know the difference between Reformers, as well as the accessories.

SPX® Max Reformer Series
The SPX® Max is Merrithew’s most cost-effective professional Reformer. Built lower to the ground than the V2 Max Reformer, the SPX also has a narrower frame. At 56cm (22 inches) wide, the SPX Reformer easily fits into multi-use facilities, and multiple units can be stacked when not in use. The SPX Max Reformer with Vertical Stand allows you to store the SPX Max vertically, perfect for facilities that use the same room for non-Reformer based fitness classes. The SPX Max Plus Reformer adds a Vertical Framewith Merrithew’s innovative, retractable rope system and travelling pulleys, combining the capabilities of a Reformer with a Cadillac for a variety of three-dimensional movement. For those working with taller clients, consider an extension upgrade of up to 15 cm (6 inches).

V2 Max Reformer Series
Merrithew’s V2 Max Reformer series comes at a standard height, and is a popular choice for boutique studios, clubs and fitness facilities with dedicated Pilates spaces. The V2 Max Plus adds a Vertical Frame to the V2 Max Reformer, expanding exercise options and potential to serve a wider client base. Extension upgrades of up to 15 cm (6 inches) are also available.

Rehab V2 Max Reformer
For those fitness and physical therapy professionals working in a rehab setting, in a fitness facility with a rehab client base or catering to a senior or mobility-challenged client-base, the Rehab V2 Max Reformer series is ideal. Featuring a higher carriage for easier mounts and dismounts, the Rehab V2 Max Reformer opens up possibilities for working with a broad base of clients of varying levels of ability. Extension upgrades and Vertical Frames are also available for the Rehab V2 Max.

Basic Reformer bundles include a combination of the following accessories:

Padded Platform Extender
The Padded Platform Extender accessory can be used as a seated prop to help modify seated positions on the Reformer to accommodate those with tightness in the hips or other mobility limitations. Placed above the Reformer springs, it provides a platform for standing exercises.

Reformer Box
Used for the Long Box and Short Box series of exercises, the Reformer Box, which also comes with Footstraps, can also be used to modify seated positions.

Tall Reformer Box
Used with the SPX Reformer series, the Tall Reformer Box adds height to the carriage to accommodate range of motion in the arms and legs.

Maple Roll Up Pole
Used with the Short Box series of exercises, the Maple Roll Up Pole helps ensure proper positioning, and increased focus on scapular positioning.

Mat Converter
The Mat Converter allows for Mat-based exercises to be performed on the Reformer, perfect for accommodating both Reformer- and Mat-based classes in small spaces with limited floor space, as well as clients with limited mobility.

The following charts compare the SPX Max Reformer bundles and the V2 Max Reformer bundles. Merrithew also offers At Home SPX Reformer packages and complete studio packages.

SPX Max Reformer Bundles

V2 Max Reformer Bundles

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