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Makeover Your Bottom Line: Earn $265K with a Pilates Program

Boost Your Pilates Business

Photo Credit: Pilates The Fit – Korea

Adding a Reformer Pilates program to your facility can have a big impact on your business’ bottom line.

As little as 400 square feet accommodates four Reformers and Accessories for private and group classes that broaden your business' appeal and help retain existing clientele while improving your Instructors’ knowledge base.

Offer a complete Pilates program by purchasing Reformers with Vertical Frames along with Mat Converters to offer Pilates Matwork, Reformer and Cadillac programming in a single space.

Recover your investment in under 11 weeks

With Pilates and mind-body services continuing to grow in popularity among aging boomers and mindful millennials alike, there’s never been a better time to expand your service offerings. Here we lay out what a 400 sq. ft. studio could add to your bottom line.

V2 Max Plus Reformer Studio Participants Sessions per Week Fee per Participant Revenues per Week
Sessions per Week
Fee per Participant
Revenues per Week
Semi Privates
Sessions per Week
Fee per Participant
Revenues per Week
Group Classes
Sessions per Week
Fee per Participant
Revenues per Week
Total Sessions Per Week
Sessions per Week
Fee per Participant
Revenues per Week

Equipment Investment
V2 Max Plus Reformers Bundles $27,996
Total Equipment Expense $27,996

Potential Revenue
Annual Revenue (50 weeks) $265,000
Annual Instructor Fees $132,500
Annual Net Profit $132,500
Gross Profit per Week $2,650
Weeks to Recover Investment 11
Year 1 Return on Investment 473%

How to find 400 sq. ft.

Consider using movable walls to section off a space in an existing gym or clinic. Perhaps there is a utility area or unused office that you can re-purpose. Maximize existing floor space by getting creative with how you store props and other light equipment. Most importantly, evaluate what equipment or floor space you have that is under-utilized and isn’t offering the same kind of ROI that a Pilates program could.

Pilates The Fit Studio Korea

Photo Credit: Pilates The Fit – Korea

Space saving alternatives

If a permanent Pilates space is not in the cards, there are still ways to add these profitable services to your business. Consider adding SPX® Max Reformer with Vertical Stands to your facility. The machines easily store standing upright, making it a snap to combine different disciplines with Pilates in the same room. This might be a great opportunity for you to grow your program over time as you build up demand and a qualified Instructor base.

Training your staff

We make it easy to train you and your staff with hosted-Education programs that deliver instructor training, certification courses and workshops on-site at your facility with step-by-step support in every area in as little as 3 months. Or find Instructor training programs available at one of our 100 global training facilities.

We’ve helped countless like-minded businesses get successful Pilates programs off the ground. From physio-clinics, hotels, spas, gyms to new business owners, we offer the equipment and training expertise to support you throughout the process. Explore our Complete Studio Bundles, check out our Lease-to-Own programs or contact one of our business development experts to learn more.

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