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3 Effective Ways to Spruce Up Your Professional Image

Makeover Your Professional Image

Whether you are a freelance Instructor or a studio owner, how you present yourself is an important part of dealing with clients and growing return business. As life gets busier and busier, it’s a good idea to take a step back on occasion and lend a critical eye to the image you’re presenting to the world.

1. Update your profile and service descriptions

Take a look at what you offer, and how you describe your offerings to clients. Are you a specialist, or a jack of all trades? What is unique about yourself or your services that you can highlight? Have you participated in any workshops or undergone any recent training that you need to update on your online profiles? If writing is not your strong suit, consider hiring a professional writer to help you with your public-facing online content. It can make a world of difference.

2. Head back to school

How long has it been since your last workshop? Education never truly ends, and it can help boost your profile, as well as inject a fresh perspective into your classes. Consider trying out different modalities that can blend in interesting ways with what you already know. Or stepping out of the Pilates realm entirely but taking a course that can help you grow your business, such as a marketing class or accounting course.

3. Clean up your closet

Pay attention to what you wear. Even though Pilates studios may be casual clothing environments, it’s important that your clothes be clean and in good condition. You can be the best instructor or studio owner in the world, but your clients will see something different if you show up with frayed sleeves, or worn out clothes. Take stock of your gear, and see if anything needs repairing, or replacing.

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