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Makeover Inspiration: Stunning Pilates Studios from Around the World

World's Most Beautiful Pilates Studios

Photo Credit: Pilates Complete Vegafoto

Looking for design inspiration for your Pilates studio? We take a look at 8 stunning studios from across the globe that have created inspired settings that promote mindful movement, creating vibrant communities and meaningful impacts along the way.

Pilates Complete

Sweden / @PilatesComplete

Pilates Complete - Sweden

Photo Credit: Pilates Complete Vegafoto

Nothing short of breathtaking, Pilates Complete in Gothenburg Sweden is an airy, white space with ample windows and a private terrace overlooking the lush Skansberget. Gothenburg’s first Pilates studio, owners and STOTT PILATES® Instructors Jasmin Salhi and Linda Ahlgren opened this studio in 2010 in a refurbished corset factory. Since then, the studio has flourished into a real force in Sweden’s Pilates community, offering workshops, classes and private training in Matwork, Reformer, light equipment and barre. The bright, clean environment is a true reflection of the attention and care they and their staff give to their clients. In addition to their passion for mind-body exercise they also share a love of the arts. Each month they exhibit a new artist in the studio with works ranging from paintings, sculptures, photography and even sound installations for a truly unique experience. The result? A vibrant community that celebrates art alongside the art of movement.

Upside Motion

Singapore / @upsidemotion

Upside Motion's Stunning Pilates Studio

Photo Credit: Upside Motion

Upside Motion boasts two stunning studios for Pilates-aficionados in Singapore’s Orchard and City Hall areas. Offering barre and aerial programs focused on alignment, strength and flexibility, and a Pilates program that includes specialty classes for men, pre- & post-natal and a variety of equipment and Matwork classes. Upside Motion’s spaces are minimal with vaulted ceilings, crisp, white walls, and full windows that invite the outdoors in. Upside Motion has truly elevated the caliber of Pilates in Singapore and is frequently featured in the country’s top fashion and lifestyle magazines promoting the benefits of mind-body exercise. The company just celebrated their 4th anniversary, and the studios’ success is due the vibrant community of mind-body exercises they've cultivated among the city’s locals and expats alike. Check out the company’s blog where they regularly feature inspiring clients, sharing their stories, favorite snacks and workouts.


Serbia / @TheHousePilates

Pilates Class at THE HOUSE - Serbia

Photo Credit: THE HOUSE

Located in Novi Sad, THE HOUSE is Serbia’s premiere Pilates studio. Opened in September 2011, the studio is proud to offer what they feel is “the most trusted Pilates method” (aww..shucks guys!) THE HOUSE boasts large group-fitness training rooms as well as a fully-equipped Merrithew® equipment space with Reformers, Cadillacs, and Stability Chairs. The atmosphere is professional, athletic and organized. You really feel like you’re getting down to business when you step in the door. The room we love best? The massive second floor group room which overlooks big old trees and features wall-mounted Spring Walls, polished ceramic floors and massive mirrors. As a host center for STOTT PILATES®, THE HOUSE contributes to a spirited community of Instructors in Serbia and the Balkan region, hosting full certification programs, workshops and CECs. On the client side of things, THE HOUSE specializes in athletic conditioning and rehabilitation programs, and is a hot spot for the city’s fitness enthusiasts.

Junction 9

Canada / @junction9

Calgary Junction 9 Yoga & Pilates

Photo Credit: Junction 9 Yoga & Pilates

From the moment you step to the front door of Calgary’s Junction 9 you’ll be awestruck. Opened by cousins Kailey and Jilane Beddoe in 2014 and designed with Holland Design House and MoDA, the exterior features a stunning louvered screen comprised of vertical fins made from 100 year-old fir stretching three stories high. Step inside and find yourself in a boutique setting unlike anything we’ve ever seen (check out more stunning photos in this Blog post). Once you’ve managed to close your jaw and take the space in, you’ll see that great care was taken to create a welcoming and inspiring space. Co-owner and STOTT PILATES Instructor Kailey Beddoe says “when we set out, our main focus was to create a space that makes people feel like they’ve come to a place they’ve always belonged. We feel that a huge part of anyone’s wellness journey is having a sense of belonging and community. Our reception area is part of a greater community space we call Grand Central, we have a huge table and lots of bench seating with pillows for people to sit back, relax and connect with one another before and after class. A full service espresso bar, Kombucha on tap and cold pressed juice also encourages people to slow down a little and stay a while.” The studio’s 20 yoga teachers and 12 STOTT PILATES Instructors are eager for the warm weather to begin when they’ll start running rooftop classes again. This year they’ve partnered with a local purveyor to offer ice pops on those especially warm days. Where do we sign up?


Canada / @misfitstudio

Ethereal MISFITSTUDIO - Canada


Nestled in the heart of Toronto’s Queen West neighborhood, MISFITSTUDIO has become the destination studio for the city’s design-savvy, creative class and an incubator for instructor development and collaboration. The loft space is atop a converted church, and features original stain glass windows, exposed brick and pipes, and ample mirrors, creating an inviting and expansive setting. Owner and STOTT PILATES® Instructor Amber Jolait says “my secret weapon for cultivating a successful movement culture is creating a sacred space for every body to feel free enough to move and dance. Knowing everyone, their name, learning their story and honoring and celebrating their decisions to move builds trust and deep meaningful relationships, which are extremely important to me.” In designing the space Jolait’s goal was to “ultimately set a space for people to become more comfortable in their own skin, staying attuned to their mind-body connection.” It’s a recipe that has certainly paid off. MISFITSTUDIO will be opening a second location in Toronto’s Ossington area later this year.

MOVE Wellness

United States / @MoveWellness

MOVE Wellness Pilates Studio - USA

Photo Credit: MOVE Wellness

As a satellite training facility of Equilibrium (the first licensed STOTT PILATES® training center in the United States), MOVE Wellness is a vibrant boutique fitness and lifestyle studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The brainchild of founders of Elaine Economou and Robin Krienke, MOVE opened in 2013 and has quickly become a force in the Midwest Pilates’ scene, with multiple locations to serve their growing audience. In addition to an Instructor training facility, MOVE is a full-service mind-body studio offering a unique blend of Pilates, GYROTONIC®, yoga,Total Barre®, and Shred classes as well as massage therapy and wellness coaching. From the minute you enter their Westside location (pictured above), you will “feel energized and empowered on your path to fitness and wellness. Mingle with your friends while enjoying a fresh-squeezed juice or smoothie pre-or-post workout.” With deep turquoise walls and light frosted windows, the space offers a group fitness room, an equipment room as well as a massage parlour. MOVE’s second location opened in February 2016 on State Street at the Probility Therapy Services clinic, where they offer a post-therapy program designed specifically for clients transitioning from physical therapy into fitness. If you find yourself in the Ann Arbor area, be sure to check out one of their locations.

Core Studio Pilates & Yoga

United States / @corestudiopilatesandyoga

Enchanting Core Studio Pilates & Yoga

Photo Credit: Core Studio Pilates & Yoga

Located in the heart of historic downtown Monroe, North Carolina, Core Studio feels special from the moment you walk in so it’s no surprise the space has been showcased in choice publications like SHAPE and Pilates Style. Opened in the fall of 2011, owner, STOTT PILATES Instructor and lifestyle blogger Jill Henson wanted to create a peaceful and private setting that preserved the historic integrity of the space. The exposed brick is all original, and the uncovered brick archway that divides the space is truly a special feature. Henson says her mission was to “create a comfortable and non-competitive atmosphere while offering high quality instruction in Pilates, yoga and lifestyle management.” In addition to Pilates, yoga, TRX®, Halo® Training, barre, and high intensity interval classes, the studio also runs monthly lifestyle classes on topics like essential oils and gardening. What’s more inspiring than the stunning space and premium services? Henson’s non-profit, the Core Compassion Project, which offers post-rehab Pilates scholarships for those who are battling breast cancer. Our hats off to this busy entrepreneur.

Pilates The Fit

Korea / @pilates.thefit

Expansive Pilates The Fit - Korea

Photo Credit: Pilates The Fit

Pilates The Fit is located in Seoul’s Gangnam district – the area that reached international fame in PSY’s 2012 pop hit Gangnam Style. And this studio lives up to the area’s reputation for style and affluence. Opened in 2011 in a compact 30m2 space, The Fit has responded to the explosive demand for Pilates in the area by expanding their space three times, allowing them to redesign and improve along the way. Currently they occupy a 300m2 space that serves as a client studio employing over 22 Instructors. Most recently, The Fit has built a massive education facility on the 26th floor of the building to host STOTT PILATES® training. They take an integrated approach to health and wellness, employing physical and occupational therapists, and sport medicine specialists alongside their Pilates instructors. In a market that seems to have an unquenchable demand for Pilates, The Fit is bucking the industry’s trend to open multiple satellite studios, opting instead to reinvest and expand their main location, becoming a true epicenter for mindful movement in Seoul. Their spaces are calming, incorporating grounding finishes like polished hardwood floors, natural stone and windows that afford cityscape views. With such a busy studio, they focus on keeping things well organized, with orderly storage solutions and regimented cleanliness. A trip to this studio is a true testament to the efficacy of Pilates and South Korea’s commitment to living with energy, vitality and good health.