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3 Ways to Simplify your Life

Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

It may sound like a contradiction, but a simple life often takes some work. Whether applied to the business or personal sphere, simplifying things can take time and planning. But the end result—a more relaxing, even-paced atmosphere—is worth it.

1. Cut out the dead wood

From too many clothes in your closet, to classes at the studio that have outgrown their original purpose, to too many files on the computer, getting rid of things that are no longer serving your life or your business frees up both physical and mental space. Take stock of what is necessary and unnecessary. Be brutal about it. Then cut it loose.

2. Streamline your communications

Is there an email blast you send out regularly? A thank you email you send to new clients? A schedule you change according to the season? Identify communications that you can create templates for. It may take time to create the perfect template, but once it’s done it’s easy to plug in the information and send it where it needs to go. Having standard templates also makes delegating filling in the information a smoother process.

3. Delegate, delegate, delegate

Take stock of what you take on yourself, especially in business. Are you playing the superhero, trying to get everything done on your own? Look at things you may not be good at, or absolutely hate doing, and delegate them to someone who excels in this area. Can’t stand invoicing and taxes? Consider hiring a freelance accountant. Does keeping the studio clean exhaust you? Try a housekeeping service to keep things in client-ready condition. Can’t afford either an accountant or a housekeeping service? Consider an exchange of free classes for the services you need. By parcelling out duties that try both your energy and your patience, you free up mental space for imagining and executing bigger and better things.

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