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Convenient, customizable and cutting-edge: Eight key features of Merrithew® Reformers

Eight key features of Merrithew Reformers

Reformers have evolved significantly over the last century, from Joseph Pilates’s first iteration using a hospital bed with springs attached to the sleek multi-purpose pieces of equipment they are today.

Some of the features that Merrithew has introduced over the last three decades have expanded Reformer functionality and increased customization, while maintaining what we are known for: building quality equipment that provides one of the smoothest and quietest rides.

Merrithew’s team of welders, carpenters, upholsterers, assemblers, and shipping and receiving staff build multiple Reformer models for professional, personal and rehab purposes, which means you’ll find them at fitness clubs, rehab and health care clinics, boutique studios, retirement communities, universities and team training centers all over the world.

Here's a look at some of the key features of Merrithew Reformers:

1. Vertical frame and retractable rope system

The Vertical Frame was a big jump for Reformer technology because it opened up a huge new field of exercise possibilities. It allowed clients to perform most Cadillac/Trapeze Table exercises on the Reformer. With the traveling pulleys and retractable rope system, clients are able to get a 3D workout using variable angles of resistance and increased range of motion.

Vertical Frame
Vertical Stand

2. Lightweight, stackable and standing Reformers

With many clubs, gyms and studios wanting to add Merrithew Reformers to their offering, but lacking the space to do so, we introduced the lightweight, stackable and standing SPX® series Pilates Reformers for multipurpose exercise rooms and home users. That innovation changed the game, allowing STOTT PILATES on the Reformer to go mainstream.

High Precision Gearbar 3. High-Precision Gearbar Upgrade
The High-Precision Gearbar gave clients the opportunity to choose from six positions, up from the original three, making it easier for them to quickly adjust tension in class and improve exercise precision.

Reformer Roller 4. A whisper-smooth experience
Merrithew’s unique whisper-smooth rolling mechanism, with a fixed wheel on one side and a floating wheel on the other, ensures a quiet ride no matter how vigorous the workout. This technology helped define Merrithew’s Reformers, setting them apart from the competition. The addition of Neoprene sleeves around the springs helped minimize noise even further, allowing clients to stay in the zone during their entire practice.

Rehab Reformer

5. Improving comfort and accessibility

We developed the Rehab Reformer with injured and mobility-challenged clients in mind. With a higher carriage height, these Reformers make it easier for clients to access the benefits of our professional line of Reformers.

We have also made it possible for taller people to feel more comfortable on the Reformer with the possibility of adding a 6-inch extension.

Color Swatches 6. Customize your colors
Want a peach, forest green or sky blue Reformer to suit the aesthetic of your studio? No problem. Merrithew offers 10 standard upholstery colors free of charge, or 75 custom color options for an additional fee. While two-thirds of customers opt for black, the choice is yours. Stand out from the crowd!

Onyx Reformer 7. Introducing the SPX® Max Reformer with Vertical Stand (Jet Black)
Merrithew’s newest Reformer, the all-black Reformer, combines all of these innovations into one sleek and stylish package. For fitness clubs and studios that want to make a big impression, this is the ticket.

Cardio-Tramp 8. Accessorize your Reformer
On today’s Reformer, clients can do so much more than just Pilates exercises. Our Reformer accessories allow you to add challenge, variety and fun to your classes. Turn your Reformer into a heart-pumping cardio machine with the Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder and Jumpboard; accommodate older adults and rehab clients with the Cross-Bow for greater accessibility; or add the Vinyasa Triangle to create an exciting new platform for yoga and Pilates.

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