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Moving Reformers: Tips for protecting your equipment

Tips for protecting your equipment

So you’ve finally found a new studio space. It’s lovely, full of light, in the perfect location. Everything is just right—but now you need to move your equipment without damaging the pieces, or the walls or floor of the new studio.

Here, we’ve outlined some best practices for moving your Reformers safely and effectively. The general packing tips can be applied to other large equipment pieces as well.

Moving day considerations

  • Do not use Reformers with easy-roll wheels as trollies—loading them up with accessories to move can damage the carriage, and any weight placed on the carriage top can permanently indent the EVA foam beneath the vinyl
  • Check the dimensions of any elevators or moving trucks you’ll be using prior to moving to make sure the dissembled equipment will fit. If extra space is required, the Reformer feet, wooden standing platform and pulley posts can be removed
  • Clear a path to the door, free from anything that could put a jarring stop to your movements, potentially damaging the equipment
  • Taking the carriage off of the rails will make the Reformer lighter to move

Moving the Reformer: Step-by-step instructions

  • Grab a friend or employee to help you remove the carriage from the rails (it’s a two-person job), keeping the carriage parallel with the rails until the carriage fully clears the rails
  • Remove the floating rollers and shoulder rests from the carriage
  • Wrap the carriage in a protective covering such as a blanket or bubble wrap
  • Store the carriage on its side
  • If using a professional moving service, consider placing a sign on the carriage to make sure other objects are not placed on it during the move
  • Keep track of small and loose parts. Remove feet, shoulder rests, gearbar, carriage stopper, pulley posts and floating rollers. Wrap them and store them in a clearly marked bag
  • Wrap rails and wooden standing platform in bubble wrap to protect them from scrapes and gouges
  • If needed, after the move you can touch up any small scratches or abrasions to the black, powder-coated, front and back support ends of the Reformer with a Black Markal metal marker
  • If you have questions about putting the Reformer back together again, you can find assembly manuals here: Equipment Manuals & Assembly Videos

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