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acuBall® Large

acuBall® Large
acuBall® Large
SKU : ST06238
$45.99 CAD
$45.99 CAD

An excellent tool for improving self-care, this heatable massage ball features nibs that work to release tension along your neck and spine. Place it in the microwave or boil in water to heat, and let the 60 minutes of stored warmth soothe your aches away. Download the acuBall App to your Android or iPhone and discover easy-to-follow instructions for targeting and treating sore and achy muscles. The compact size makes it ideal for travelling.

  • Water-filled, latex-free and hypo-allergenic
  • Heat in microwave for deep penetrating warm massage
  • Can help induce deeper sleep
  • Uses bodyweight to release tension in muscles and myofascial tissues in just three minutes
  • Free downloadable acuBall app for iPhone and Android
Holds heat

The heatable acuBall releases heat slowly for two hours of warmth, while the nibs massage the muscles and joints. The perfect tool to release tension from a stressful day or an especially challenging workout.

Sleep Better

Using the Heated acuBall to release tension in your muscles and fascia can help induce a deeper and more restful sleep.

Effective self-care

Self-care is incredibly important in maintaining overall health and wellbeing. Whether encouraging blood flow to muscles post-workout, or easing the strain of stiff muscles crunched up from being in front of a computer all day, the Heatable acuBall is an effective tool for releasing muscle and myofascial tension throughout the body.

What is the acuBall used for?

Relieving muscle and joint pain, improving flexibility, aiding athletic performance and enhancing tissue healing and vitality.

How does the acuBall work?

Simply lie or lean into your acuBall. The acuBall’s unique design features safely apply acupressure and heat to painful, congested areas of the body. This increases nutrient and blood flow, flushing out built up muscle wastes. It also enhances joint motion, releases natural painkillers and sedatives, and stimulates nervous system relaxation responses.

How do I heat my acuBall?
  1. Microwave on microwave safe plate for 50-60 seconds. acuBall WILL NOT feel hot when first removed – allow a minute or so for the heat to reach the surface. Heat will last for 1 hour. Cool to room temperature before reheating. NEVER exceed 60 seconds in microwave as ball will burst, becoming flat and useless!
  2. Immerse in boiling water for 12 minutes. Towel dry.
How do you know you’re acuBalling the right spot?

Your body will definitely tell you. It may take you a minute or so of moving yourself, or your acuBall, up and down or side-to-side to ‘zero in’ on the right spot. Once you’ve found it you’ll know because it will be tender. This tenderness is the result of tightness in the muscle stopping proper nutrient flow which causes waste products to accumulate. These built up wastes cause nerves in the area to become irritated and sensitive to pressure.

Are there any reasons not to acuBall?

Yes. Bruises, fractures, cuts, infections, discolourations, advanced osteoporosis and brittle bones should never be acuBalled. Individuals who bruise easily as a result of medication should not acuBall. If you have pain, get professional health care advice to fully understand why you feel the way you do before acuBalling.

Where do you hurt?

Free downloadable acuBall app for iPhone and Android. Click or tap on the location where you feel pain, then watch the video on how to use your acuProduct.

Where do you hurt?
  • Wipe clean using a diluted mixture of water and mild soap
  • See package details for more information
acuBall large dimensions
Dimensions3.5 in9 cm
Weight.93 lbs0.42 kg

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