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Spot the Difference: Scissors

Lead Instructor Trainer Rie Sakamoto uses the Arc Barrel to demonstrate Scissors.

Question: Which picture shows the correct position?

Photo A Photo B
Photo A Photo B

Answer: Photo B

In Photo A, Rie’s weight is on the cervical spine. She is creating tension in the neck and shoulders and not maintaining scapular stabilization. Her obliques are not engaged, and she is not maintaining an imprinted position. Her legs are flexed, and she is extending her hips as far as possible, allowing the pelvis to tilt anteriorly. She is jamming her chin to her chest, and not maintaining an appropriate gaze.

In Photo B, Rie is maintaining weight on her upper thoracic spine, not on her cervical spine. She is maintaining scapular stabilization and avoiding tension in her neck and shoulders. Her obliques are engaged to maintain an imprinted position, her legs are straight, and she is extending her hip as far as possible without allowing the pelvis to tilt anteriorly, while maintaining an appropriate gaze.

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