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Sports Exercise Series - Scissors with the Foam Mini Stability Ball™

This July, we’re highlighting the wonderful world of sport. In our Sport Exercise series, we’ll share a variety of mind-body exercises and props catering to specific sports. Enjoy 25% OFF all the accessories featured in the series July 10-26th.

  View our entire Sports Exercise Series   SPORT: Martial Arts
  THE EDGE:  Balance and Strength
  EXERCISE & PROP:  Scissors in the Air with the Foam Mini Stability Ball™

Scissors with the Foam Mini Stability Ball™



Agility, strength and superior balance make all the difference in combat.

This exercise will challenge an athlete’s ability to maintain balance on a small base of support while working the body in coordinated movements that require strength, control and flexibility.

The Foam Mini Stability Ball™ offers proprioceptive feedback and works shoulder stability for improved steadiness and stamina.




1. With the ball placed under the hips, reach the legs overhead then roll up maintaining your weight on your upper thoracic (back). There should be little or no weight on your head.

2. Take your legs up toward the ceiling maintaining your balance between the shoulder blades.

3. As you scissor the legs with synchronized pulses, push the hands into the ball and maintain shoulder stability.

Do 20 reps total.


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