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Sports Exercise – Muscle Warm-up with Flex Massage Stick

Warm up muscles with the Flex Massage Stick


Self-myofascial release is an effective way to enhance performance and decrease the risk of injury which can and should be done both before activity and after it.

Before a workout, the Flex Massage Stick increases blood flow helping to warm up the muscles, ligaments and tendons in many areas of the body including quads, hamstrings, IT band, shoulders and back. Post-workout, apply targeted pressure to help increase joint range of motion and reduce post-workout soreness.


1. The flexibility of the stick allows it to hug the contours of the body while the independent rollers effectively manipulate muscles and fascia.

2. Rearrange the wheels for a perfectly targeted massage of large or smaller muscles prior to activity for improvements in performance, flexibility, recovery, and injury prevention.

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