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Sports Exercise - Mountain Climber with the Halo Trainer®

This July, we’re highlighting the wonderful world of sport. In our Sport Exercise series, we’ll share a variety of mind-body exercises and props catering to specific sports. Enjoy 25% OFF all the accessories featured in the series July 10-26th.

 View our entire Sports Exercise Series   SPORT: Swimming
  THE EDGE:  Endurance, Stamina, Powerful Legs & Arms
  EXERCISE & PROP: Mountain Climber with the Halo Trainer®

Mountain Climber with the Halo Trainer®


Lap up the challenge with Mountain Climbers using the Halo Trainer®. A perfect dry-land exercise for swimmers when water isn’t close at hand.

Challenging core strength, endurance and stamina while maintaining control in asymmetrical movements.

These reps work the arms and legs in tandem with the core and are not for the faint of heart.


1. Start in a plank with hands on the short handles of the Halo Trainer® and feet for the floor.

2. Tuck one knee into chest, curving the spine, then extend the leg back to the full plank.  Keep the shoulders stabilized and focus on engaging the glutes and abdominals.

3. Switch legs returning to the plank each time.

Do 20 reps.

Explore our Sports Exercise Series running July 10 -26th.

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