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Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio
Ground floor-B, Tiffany Place,
156 I. P Leviste St., Salcedo Village,
Makati City, Philippines

t: +632-886-7744
m: +63917-844-0945
f: +632-886-7739

 Vivian Zapanta      Vivian Zapanta
     Lead Instructor Trainer
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Distributor Contact

SportFit Inc. is the Philippine distributor for a complete range of our commercial equipment and accessories.

SportFit, Inc.
tel: 632-744-4271
email: sportfitinc@merrithew.com

licensed training center

Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio

ABOUT: Fully equipped with an entire range of Merrithew™ Equipment, the studio offers a shower, changing room, comfort room and lounge.
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The Intensive Program

The STOTT PILATES Intensive program is for fitness and health professionals. This program prepares you to teach STOTT PILATES Level 1 Matwork and equipment-based repertoires safely, effectively and with confidence.

Functional Anatomy  (FA)

      30 hours
Winter 2017 | January TBD
Times TBD

Intensive Mat-Plus™, Module 1 (IMP1)

LEVEL: 1      25 hours
Winter 2017 | January 16-20
Monday-Friday 9am-3pm

Intensive Mat-Plus™, Module 2 (IMP2)

LEVEL: 1      15 hours
​Winter 2017 | January 23-25
Monday-Wednesday 9am-3pm

Intensive Reformer, Module 1 (IR1)

LEVEL: 1      30 hours
Winter 2017 | January 30-February 3, 6
Monday-Friday 9am-3pm

Intensive Reformer, Module 2 (IR2)

LEVEL: 1      20 hours
Winter 2017 | February 7-10
Tuesday-Friday 9am-3pm

Intensive Cadillac (ICAD)

LEVEL: 1      25 hours
Winter 2017 | February 13-17
Monday-Friday 9am-3pm

Intensive Stability Chair™ (ICHR)

LEVEL: 1      15 hours
Winter 2017 | February 20-22
Monday-Wednesday 9am-3pm

Intensive Barrels (IBRL)

LEVEL: 1      10 hours
​Winter 2017 | February 23-24
Thursday-Friday 9am-3pm

The Comprehensive Program

Designed for those with some movement training and exposure to Pilates, Comprehensive courses cover functional anatomy and the practical skills needed to develop effective and motivating Level 1 Matwork and equipment-based programs.


120 hours
Fall 2012 | September 11-December 14
Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-5:30pm | Friday 2pm-6:30pm

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The Advanced Program

The Advanced program consists of Level 2 courses in Matwork, Reformer, and Cadillac, Chair & Barrels. Completion of the Advanced program is required for full certification.

Advanced Matwork (AM)

LEVEL: 2      6 hours
Winter 2017 | February 28
Tuesday 12pm-7pm

Advanced Reformer (AR)

LEVEL: 2      18 hours
Winter 2017 | March 1-3
Wednesday-Friday 1pm-7pm

Advanced Cadillac (ACAD)

LEVEL: 1      6 hours
Winter 2017 | March 4
Saturday 1pm-7pm

Advanced Stability Chair™ (ACHR)

LEVEL: 1      3 hours
Winter 2017 | March 5
Sunday 12pm-3pm

Advanced Barrel (ABRL)

LEVEL: 1      3 hours
Winter 2017 | March 5
Sunday 3:30pm-6:30pm

Injuries & Special Populations

The STOTT PILATES Injuries & Special Populations course equips you with the skills required to address a broad range of physical challenges among your clients. Completion of ISP is required for full certification.

Injuries & Special Populations (ISP)

      24 hours
Winter 2017 | March 6-10
Monday 1pm-6pm | Tuesday-Friday 1pm-7pm

The Rehabilitation Program

The Rehabilitation program is specifically for licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists, sports medicine professionals and chiropractors wishing to integrate modified STOTT PILATES exercises for injury prevention and rehabilitation into their practices.

Rehab courses are available at many of our training locations worldwide.  Please click here for a complete listing of training options worldwide.  Currently, training isn’t offered at this location, but and check back regularly for updates.

ZEN•GA Courses

ZEN•GA is an innovative fusion of exercise science and mindful movement that brings about clarity of the mind while releasing body tension through purposeful movement. ZEN represents the search for inner discovery, while YOGA symbolizes the way to reach it. Together they form ZEN•GA, which is based on Four Mindful Movement Principles: breath, support, yield and flow. When applied together, these principles allow you to become aware of how the body and the mind move in tandem. ZEN•GA focuses on core stability, stamina and resilience while attaining a state of presence. The increase in demand on your neuromuscular system allows you to reap the benefits of improved strength, clarity and overall fitness.

ZEN•GA™ is currently not scheduled at this location. To find another location that works for you, click here

CORE Courses

Take your workouts to the next level with our CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training – developed exclusively by Merrithew experts. This unique training program focuses on functional fitness targeting core strength and kinesthetic awareness leading to improvements in total-body strength and power. This multi-layered system is designed for both novice and high-level athletes.

CORE™ is currently not scheduled at this location. To find another location that works for you, click here.

Total Barre Courses

Total Barre is a high-energy program that focuses on strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability by combining elements from Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training. Programming is driven by music which increases coordination, motivation and improve movement quality. Incorporating the Total Barre Foundational Principles, this program teaches choreography, exercise essence and correct biomechanics of movements as well as how to cue effectively and safely to music.

Total Barre™ Instructor Foundation Course

LEVEL: 1      7 hours
Fall 2016 | December 16
Friday 9am-5pm


This area may include upcoming Continuing Education workshops, Exam Preparation workshops and Practical & Written Exam dates. Please note only Continuing Education workshops qualify for CECs. No prerequisites required.

Continuing Education Workshops

Saturday December 17 Flexion-Free Workshop 8am-10am
Saturday December 17 Pilates Matwork for Golf, Level 1 10:30am-12:30pm
Saturday December 17 The Shoulder Girdle: Stability & Function 2pm-4pm
Saturday March 11 Programming for Scoliosis Management 8am-10am
Saturday March 11 The Knee: Stability & Function 10:30am-12:30pm
Monday March 13 Prenatal Pilates on the Edge
Monday March 13 Prenatal Pilates on the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer 10:30am-12:30pm
Thursday February 23 General Overview: Exam Preparation 3:30pm-7:30pm
Saturday February 25 Programming on the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer, Level 1 9am-12pm
Saturday February 25 Prenatal Pilates on the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer 1pm-4pm
Saturday February 25 The Knee: Stability & Function 4:30pm-6:30pm
Monday February 27 Prenatal Pilates on the Cadillac 8am-10am
Monday February 27 Prenatal Pilates on the Edge 10:30am-12:30pm
Monday February 27 Flexion-Free Workshop 2pm-4pm