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Inspiring Pilates Studios in India: Redefining Mindfulness, Movement, and Wellness

Join us as we delve into the inspiring stories of two remarkable Merrithew®-equipped Pilates studios in India - Menkaa’s Pilates Studio and Pilates Studio by Zeal® that have not only reimagined fitness but also harnessed the power of mindfulness and movement to create profound transformations in their clients’ lives.

Menkaa’s Pilates Studio, Mumbai

Founded almost seven years ago by Menka Vaid— a fitness enthusiast with over two decades of experience—her studio offers more than just a workout. “It's a journey toward holistic well-being,” Menka says.

Menkaa’s Pilates Studio interior

A journey from aerobics to Pilates

The journey from the energetic beats of aerobics to the mindful cadence of Pilates was nothing short of a revelation for Menka. What began as a personal quest for a balanced fitness regimen evolved into a passion to share the rejuvenating power of Pilates with others. The main inspiration behind establishing the studio was to provide affordable rehab sessions to those seeking solace from physical discomforts. The fusion of passion and purpose became the cornerstone of the studio’s identity.

A philosophy rooted in Pilates

The studio's trainers abide by a simple yet profound work philosophy: their medium-intensity workouts seamlessly integrate STOTT PILATES® principles, ensuring every session is not just an exercise routine, but a transformative experience. The focus is on cultivating mindfulness, promoting strength, and nurturing resilience.

Menka Vaid, founder of studio adjusting spring on Reformer

Merrithew® equipment: a world of possibilities

The studio boasts an array of Merrithew equipment, including the SPX® Max Reformer, the Stability Chair, and the Ladder Barrel. These pieces, adorned with additional accessories such as the Arc Barrel, are a testament to the studio's commitment to quality and functionality.

“The decision to choose Merrithew equipment was driven by their sturdiness and minimal maintenance requirements, qualities that have garnered the praise of both clients and trainers alike,” Menka says.

Empowering lives

The doors are open to a diverse clientele— from celebrities to the active aging population— each with their unique stories and aspirations. “A significant portion of clients approach the studio seeking relief from physical discomforts, such as back pain, neck pain, and knee pain,” Menka says.

Menka Vaid, founder of Menkaa’s Pilates Studio

Pilates in India: what does the future hold?

Pilates is emerging as a steadfast and sustainable practice. Clients seeking an alternative to traditional gym workouts, have found solace in the mindful embrace of Pilates.

“The future promises a deeper integration of mind-body practices, with Pilates taking center stage as a transformative force in the lives of many,” Menka says.

The studio's commitment to accessible rehabilitation, holistic growth, and the principles of Pilates lays the foundation for a future where well-being is not just a destination, but a way of life.

Pilates Studio by Zeal, Gujarat

In November 2019, fate intervened when Zeal Shah and her now-husband, Manan Shah crossed paths. Their shared passion for fitness ignited a spark that led them on a journey to create something extraordinary. The idea to open a Pilates studio took root, but destiny had other plans in the form of an unexpected challenge. Pilates Studio by Zeal is now a Merrithew® Host Training Center in India— offering various STOTT PILATES courses and workshops.

Interior of Pilates Studio by Zeal

Inception amid adversity

In August 2020, Pilates Studio by Zeal was born, against the backdrop of a global pandemic. Despite the challenges that COVID-19 brought, the couple's determination and unwavering spirit shone through. Armed with just one Reformer and boundless dedication, they embarked on their mission to bring the transformative power of Pilates to their community.

Quality over quantity

What sets Pilates Studio by Zeal apart is their unrelenting commitment to quality. The studio is fully equipped with Merrithew equipment, reflecting their dedication to providing nothing but the best.

“Each studio is strategically located in city centers for easy accessibility, ensuring that Pilates becomes an integral part of people's lives,” Zeal says. The studio's atmosphere and adherence to the renowned STOTT PILATES® method create an environment where clients thrive.

Zeal Shah, owner of Pilates Studio by Zeal

A philosophy carved in commitment

The team believes in nurturing clients' awareness of their bodies, setting realistic goals, and delivering exceptional results. “Our clients are not just participants; they are valued members of a community united by a shared commitment to well-being,” Manan says.

Outfitting the studio with Merrithew equipment

Central to the studio's success is the state-of-the-art Merrithew equipment. The studio favorites SPX® Max Reformer and the Stability Chair, have become the heart of every session.

The studio's dedication to providing the best experience led to the incorporation of Merrithew equipment, a choice that clients have come to love and appreciate.

Zeal Shah on Reformer in studio

Pilates Studio by Zeal's impact extends far beyond physical fitness. Their diverse clientele includes government officials, military personnel, celebrities, and the general public.

“With a keen focus on addressing physical discomforts such as back pain, neck pain, and postnatal recovery, the studio has become a sanctuary of healing and rejuvenation,” Zeal says. Pilates, once a distant dream, has become a reality for those seeking a path to recovery and strength.

The Pilates and fitness industry in India

As India's economic prowess grows, so does the awareness of the importance of holistic health. Pilates, with its mind-body approach, is poised to play a significant role in this transformation.

“Pilates Studio by Zeal recognizes the need to educate the masses about authentic Pilates practices and the benefits they bring. As a trusted partner of Merrithew, the studio stands as a beacon of knowledge, guiding individuals toward a healthier and more balanced future,” Manan says.

From humble beginnings to a rapidly expanding network of 5 Studios in less than 3 years across the nation, Pilates Studio by Zeal stands true to the test of time.

Both these studios are pioneers of change in the world of fitness. As they continue their journey, their commitment to authenticity, education, and unwavering excellence will undoubtedly shape the future of Pilates in India.

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