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2022 round-up: Top 5 Merrithew Connect™ workouts

Merrithew Connect, our online digital platform where you can discover the full-body benefits of mindful movement to help you build strength, flexibility, and cardio endurance with hundreds of workout and training videos led by Merrithew presenters.

We are proud that Merrithew Connect has gained traction worldwide this year. We’ve seen subscriptions from all over the globe including, China, Germany, the UK, Korea, Canada, and Japan. The online digital workout and training videos led by Merrithew presenters have proven to be a useful resource for supporting and inspiring our community.

In this blog, we will share the top 5 workouts that were streamed the most on Merrithew Connect. We hope this list helps you find your go-to workout inspiration for 2023.

1. Essential Matwork Express Workout 2: 45 Minutes

Essential Matwork Express Workout

Designed to improve posture and develop core strength, this video was the most popular on the platform. This workout caters to a diverse audience- beginners and intermediate Pilates practitioners alike. Another reason this workout is because these moves will target the abs, back, arms, and legs for great, who doesn’t love that?

2. Conditioning for Resilience on the Reformer

Conditioning for Resilience on the Reformer

Discover various ways to use the Merrithew Reformer and work towards a strong and resilient body as Moira Merrithew guides you on how spring resistance can help you develop muscle tone without bulk. This workout can target the whole body while improving suppleness which as a result makes day-to-day activities simpler and more accessible.

3. Stability Chair Flow For Full-Body Conditioning

Stability Chair Flow For Full-Body Conditioning

Get creative with your workouts and experience a unique approach to fitness by utilizing the benefits of three-dimensional movements on the Split-Pedal Stability Chair. Sequence by sequence, this workout challenges you as it gradually builds intensity. One of the best perks of using the Stability Chair is that it helps you to train most muscle groups in your body.

4. Intensive Reformer Challenge with Platform & Pole

Intensive Reformer Challenge with Platform and Pole

One of our older gems, this workout surely adds a new level of fun and challenge to your routine. You can perform a variety of workouts in sitting, standing, and kneeling positions on the Padded Platform Extender as it provides a raised surface to add some extra challenge to your regular Reformer workouts. The Weighted Bar can help you maintain scapular stability and core engagement.

5. Advanced Reformer Express Workout: 50 Minutes

Advanced Reformer Express Workout

These 50 minutes of invigorating workout will leave you feeling stronger and challenge your body to push further. This workout is from the STOTT PILATES® Advanced Reformer Workout program that is specially designed for experienced exercisers. This workout helps you focus on all the essential elements of mindful movement practice- strength, flexibility, coordination, and control. It also challenges the core and builds endurance while maintaining focus on core stability and alignment.

Loving these workouts?

Watch all the videos and hundreds of other workouts with in-depth guidance by the best in the industry- Merrithew® Instructor Trainers on Merrithew Connect.

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