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Ask the Expert: Can ZEN•GA® help improve fitness?

The full video is available on Merrithew Connect. To view, please click here and sign up.

ZEN•GA is a great way to integrate stretching, stamina and mindfulness into a fitness regimen.

One of the many benefits from a regular ZEN•GA practice is mobility or the ability to move well.

During consult sessions with clients, I ask what it is they hope to achieve in our sessions.

Many say they want to be stronger. What I tell them is yes that is important, but you can’t strengthen something that doesn’t move. For example, when the body is locked up it's difficult to work in normal ranges of motion and especially when under load or resistance.

The videos in Merrithew Connect’s recent ZEN•GA collection fuse elements of Pilates, yoga, martial arts and meditation, including some which integrate use of the V2 Max Plus Reformer and others that activate your core and target the upper body with the Mini Stability Ball and Flex-Band®.

One video in particular highlights a unique ZEN•GA flow routine on the Reformer.

“Yoga, when combined with the STOTT PILATES® Principles is unlike any other workout – the blend of the two disciplines results in clarity of the mind, core stability, stamina and resiliency,” says O’Clair.

“Using the spring tension of the Reformer helps enchance awareness of where the body is in space. And moving against the tension through poses (movements) helps control the range of motion reducing risk of injury from overstretching.

“The Reformer springs build muscular strength and endurance making it much easier to do mat-based workouts.

“ZEN•GA will help condition your muscles, heighten body awareness and enhance the mind-body connection.”

We invite you to explore the full Merrithew Connect collection, Uplift & Inspire with ZEN•GA for workouts that can help you reduce stress and leave you revitalized and focused.

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