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Exercise of the Month: STOTT PILATES® Star on the Jumpboard and Cross-Bow™

Anyone who doubts that Pilates can deliver an intense and sweaty workout should try the Star exercise from the STOTT PILATES® Jumpboard and Cross-Bow Interval Training workshop. This workshop combines sport-inspired intervals with dynamic core stability exercises, while emphasizing proper alignment of the hand, wrist and shoulder on the padded handle of the Cross-Bow.

This exercise requires balance, stability and strength. As your client pushes the carriage away and stretches into a side plank with the top arm extended for balance, they’ll be activating the obliques, glutes and quads to stay balanced on the Reformer box.


  • The pelvis and spine should remain in a neutral position
  • Adjust the height of the Cross-Bow so the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints are in alignment
  • Engage the abs and glutes to keep the torso steady as the legs abduct
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