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Instructor Spotlight: Carlo Yanez

Carlo Yanez
Core Kensington, London, UKCarlo Yanez

Merrithew certifications
STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor (Reformer, Matwork, Cadillac Chair & Barrels), and Injuries & Special Populations

Formally a professional ballet dancer, Carlo Yanez performed in the arts for a number of years before a spinal injury led to discovering how mindful movement supports rehabilitation—eventually becoming a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor and Registered Osteopath. Now, he helps others embrace the benefits of mind-body exercise at his boutique studio, Core Kensington, located in one of the most coveted areas of downtown London. Carlo shares how he effectively combines his knowledge of Pilates and Osteopathy to assess and diagnose clients and create the best personalized programming for them.

From ballet to Pilates

Carlo’s first introduction to Pilates was in ballet school at the University of Utah, where the instructors required students to take Pilates as a way to build their strength and stability. Even after he graduated and moved to Las Vegas, he continued to practice Pilates intermittently at a studio near the Nevada Ballet Theater for four years. Throughout his professional dancer career, Carlo performed classical ballet with Utah Ballet, was a guest with Ballet West and a Soloist with Nevada Ballet Theatre. After performing in Vegas, he spent almost eight years dancing for luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises—it’s also where he met his partner.

Carlo Yanez Core class

“After a period of time at sea, we decided to move onto land to settle and we chose London, UK,” Carlo said. “There was the West End theater district there, and as a dancer, presumably, work for me and him.”

However, two factors led Carlo to become a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor. Carlo and his partner moved to London in 2008, a time where the UK was going through an economic downturn and work was scarce. In addition, Carlo was also feeling lingering pains from a severe back injury where his L5 – S1 Lumbar spine disc herniated “from constant heavy lifting, like performing the pas-de-deux without proper core support.”

But since Carlo found Pilates to be incredibly beneficial for his recovery, he decided to focus his efforts on helping others with similar issues by training in STOTT PILATES.

“I chose STOTT PILATES because one of my best friends onboard the cruise ship had done the same training,” he said. “I saw the manuals and what he was learning, and I was very impressed. So, I did my Mat/Reformer training in London at Merrithew Licensed Training Center, YMCAfit, and enjoyed it so much that I continued my education in Toronto.”

After earning his certification, Carlo then taught Reformer classes at YMCAfit and trained clients at a high-end private members’ club in Chelsea, YMCA One-KX, where he “had the opportunity to train elite and very influential people in London.”

Osteopathy - the missing link

While Pilates inspired Carlo to help others in many ways, he still felt there was a missing piece when it came to clients recovering from severe injuries or surgeries. After much research and contemplation, he registered to study at the College of Osteopaths and earned his designation as a Registered Osteopath in 2016—all while working full time at One-KX.

Reformer class

“When I was researching, I felt that osteopathy might be the missing link,” he said. “I wanted to diagnose clients’ issues and gain more insight from examining them. Understanding anatomy and identifying physical dysfunctions adds a whole other level for the client. Now, I can diagnose issues and provide specific exercises to address them—it’s a great combination.

Carlo added that the additional knowledge allows him to convey his methods and practices to clients in a way they understand, which builds their trust in his services.

“We de-mystify things for them with accurate information and people trust us because of that,” he said. “That’s how we build a rapport. We don’t give them phony information. We come from an informed position and that gives us credibility.”

He also noted that continuous education is crucial in mind-body exercise, and that he’s eager to “continue his mission in encouraging people to move well and live well.”

Core on the reformer

“Since training with Merrithew, I have been attending every single symposium to expand my knowledge,” he said. “I’m very interested in Instructor Training for the STOTT PILATES Rehab program as my next step because I want to explore training medical practitioners on how to incorporate mind-body exercise into their clinics because currently they can diagnose and treat, but they can’t always recommend the best exercises. I want to bridge that gap.”

Unlike anything else

As Carlo proudly says, “Core Kensington was built from scratch”.

“After four years of running things in a basement, I finally opened the doors to 375 Kensington High Street, a beautifully-appointed, architecturally-designed studio”

“I worked endless hours to save up for my vision, which was to have my own free-standing studio in Kensington,” Carlo noted. “After four years of running things in a basement, I finally opened the doors to 375 Kensington High Street, a beautifully-appointed, architecturally-designed studio.”

Carlo didn’t want Core Kensington to be like any Pilates studio. He wanted something intimate and personalized, where his clients felt they were receiving quality training and enjoying luxurious surroundings and exclusivity.

reformer core

“I realized there was something missing in the market,” Carlo said. “Most Pilates studios in London offer larger group classes in cheaply-decorated facilities. But, Core Kensington has a wow factor to it because every detail was carefully considered. It’s a beautiful space with ceiling-to-floor windows overlooking a green park, it has Italian heated flooring and everything else is customized from the studio to the bathroom sinks.”

Carlo’s services are a combination of individual and group-training sessions, and the boutique studio fits up to six people for a class. He explained that Core Kensington’s strategy is all about quality, not quantity.

“People can see the quality when they walk into the studio,” he said. “We only hire trainers who are STOTT PILATES Certified Instructors because the clients will notice the difference in this area. There are a number of Pilates studios but they staff gym instructors who did a weekend Pilates course one time, and it’s just not the same service.”

Furthermore, Carlo starts from scratch with all his clients even if they say they’ve done Pilates.

“They will tell me they know Pilates, but they’ve come in with injuries or weak areas they shouldn’t have if they do Pilates properly,” he said.

To learn more about Carlo and Core Kensington, you can visit the studio’s website.

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