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Post-Rehab Workout Equipment: Cadillac, V2 Max Plus™ Reformer & Stability Chair™

One of the fastest-growing branches of Pilates training is the post-rehab sector.

Rehab and therapy professionals are increasingly looking to alternative modalities to supplement and strengthen post-rehab work, and are finding Pilates to be an excellent choice. When properly applied, Pilates exercises dovetail with rehab and therapeutic efforts to help with a broad range of physical dysfunction, including neurological disorders, cardiopulmonary restrictions, orthopedic complaints and a host of other physiological conditions.

Accommodating post-rehab clients effectively means using equipment that caters to specific needs while taking into consideration the amount of space and funds available to the studio owner. Below is a breakdown of how the Cadillac, V2 Max Reformer and Stability Chair can benefit a post-rehab Pilates practice.

Pilates Cadillac Trapeze Table for Rehab


  • Working surface is high, making it easier for clients to mount and dismount safely.
  • A large mat area accommodates exercisers of all sizes.
  • Independent springs provide resistance for addressing imbalances and performing bilateral, unilateral and reciprocal work.
  • Varying spring tension, height and positioning allow for precise adjustments necessary for each client that ensure the right amount of resistance and the ideal angle for each exercise.
  • Accommodates sitting, standing, kneeling, supine, prone and side-lying exercises.

V2 Max Pilates Reformer for Rehab

V2 Max Plus Reformer

  • Ideal for studios where space is an issue. The vertical frame on the V2 Max Plus means that this Reformer offers 80 percent of the exercises that can be performed on the Cadillac, including those with the Roll-Down Bar, Push-Thru Bar, Arm Springs, Leg Springs and Extension Strap, in a significantly smaller space.
  • The Roll-Down Bar and Push-Thru Bar function in the same way as on the Cadillac, with springs above and below, but on the V2 Max Plus they can also be used in conjunction with the moving Reformer carriage.
  • The V2 Max Plus Rehab Reformer offers a higher carriage surface (6.5 in higher than the V2 Max Plus) to accommodate clients who may have difficulty getting on and off the Reformer.
  • Arm and leg springs can be attached to a number of eyehooks located at varying heights on the Vertical Frame, including the multi-position Travelling Eyehooks.
  • The retractable rope system and travelling pulleys provide various angles of resistance and the ability to increase the overall ROM for many movements.

Pilates Stabililty Chair for Rehab

Stability Chair

  • Ideal for smaller spaces to supplement Matwork.
  • Accommodates a diverse range of clients, including those that may be limited to exercising in a vertical position, such as older adults, prenatal women, those with blood pressure issues, vertigo, eye conditions or balance concerns.
  • The smaller working area means that the Stability Chair can be used for exercises that build overall strength, suitable for athletes.
  • Simple, straightforward exercises are easy to learn and teach, and provide a workout focused on maintaining muscular balance or addressing functional disparity caused by sports training or habitual movement patterns.
  • The Split-Pedal Stability Chair allows bilateral, unilateral and reciprocal arm and leg movements.
  • Is suited to group classes solely on the Chair, or mixed with Matwork and props, or used in circuit training.

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