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Back to Basics Series: My First Time

Everyone’s first time is special. We’ve asked Merrithew™ Instructor Trainers and Master Instructor Trainers about their very first Pilates experiences.

“My very first Pilates class was at a studio in Franca, Brazil with my mum. She brought me to try this class and it was fun and a very good workout. I clearly remember doing Side Leg Lift Series on the Mat, Footwork on the Reformer and something really challenging on the Chair. This was exactly 11 years ago! Time flies!”
Bianca Bolissian, Instructor Trainer

“I remember I worked with an apprentice. We did Leg Slides on the mat with a ball under my foot and I didn’t feel a thing. I had no idea how to connect my transversus. Thirteen years later, I’ve definitely come to appreciate the value of teaching pelvic floor and transversus connection while seated, giving lots of direction with imagery and sensation, before getting them supine. LOL, what a journey!”
Sarah Jarvis, Instructor Trainer

“I was very impressed by the very precise cueing and corrections. I thought Pilates was the best exercise method for a variety of reasons: strengthening, achieving ideal posture and alignment, correcting improper movement patterns, obtaining proper muscle firing patterns and so much more that we need to maintain a healthy mind and body.”
Rie Sakamoto, Instructor Trainer

“My first experience with the Pilates method was awesome. After graduating from university with a degree in dance and physical education, I was searching for a way to incorporate dance training with athletic conditioning. Once I tried Pilates, I immediately found the missing link and knew what I was supposed to be doing with my life.”
Laureen DuBeau, Master Instructor Trainer

Do you remember your first time in a Pilates class? Share your experiences with the community!