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Spot the Difference – Mountain Climber on the Halo® Trainer

Add core-integrated bodyweight training to you and your clients’ fitness routine and progress or regress the degree of difficulty to meet specific needs. In the latest of our Spot the Difference series, Master Instructor Trainer Wayne Seeto performs a Mountain Climber on the newest version of the Halo® Trainer. Which version is correct and how did he fix his form?

Halo Trainer Mountain Climber

Version A


Version B

Scroll down to find out which version showcases the best form!

Version A is correct!

Mountain Climber Correct

  1. Hip Flexion. Hips should be flat and neutral with a slight pelvic rotation.
  2. Cervical Extension. Extended neck should be in a neutral position.
  3. Rib Cage Placement (Not circled). Wayne improves his form by adjusting his rib cage so that it’s not low or popping out.
  4. Scapular Placement. Wayne readjusts his shoulder to prevent it from popping forward.