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Lessons from Visiting LTCs Around the World

Today we’re excited to have a special guest contributor to the blog, Merrithew’s own Lesley Hopps, Director, Education Services. Through the Partner Connect Tour, Lesley travels around the globe, visiting a number of our Licensed Training Centers (LTCs) and gaining insight on what contributes to their achievements and accomplishments. In her first guest post, Lesley shares some of the top lessons she’s learned from studio owners that can help contribute to your studio’s success!

Over the last six months, I’ve had the privilege of visiting some of our partners at their Licensed Training Centers. I had the opportunity to pick the brains of some of the brightest and most successful in the business, and here are five key things I learned:

  1. Customer service trumps all. You can have the best team and the hottest classes on your schedule, but if you aren’t diligent at all times about taking good care of your clients, you won’t last long. Nancy Hodari, of Equilibrium Studio in Michigan, USA, should know – she’s been nurturing her community for more than 20 years! 
  2. Know when to evolve. Sean and CC Martin, part-owners of C2 Pilates in Boston, USA, know a thing or two about staying with the times. They’ll always be dedicated to offering the STOTT PILATES® method of instruction, but they’re always on the look-out for new ways to meet their clients’ needs. They were early adopters of Total Barre® (CC was part of the program development team!) and have just added pole classes to their packed schedule.    
  3. Space matters. After many years of sharing space at the world’s first (and always busy!) YMCA, the LTC team at YMCAfit in the UK gave me a sneak peek at their soon to be, new digs at One KX. The new space will be a hub of mind-body activity with Merrithew education and client training happening simultaneously — something that simply hadn’t been possible in their previous space.  
  4. Word of mouth will get you everywhere. In a city like Montreal, Canada, where residents value community-based businesses and spending their hard-earned dollars at establishments that truly resonate with them, good street cred can make or break you. Students and studio clients of Studio Praxis recognize the time and hard work, owner Jane Underhill puts into ensuring they have a great experience, and they’re happy to spread the word.  
  5. Be aware of your competition, but don’t let them get to you. These days in Dallas, USA, it’s all about the next fad when it comes to fitness. However, Gidget Anthony, owner of The Designed Body Pilates Studio, hasn’t spent sleepless nights worrying. Despite some sort of new workout studio on every corner, her clients and students remain true to her. She understands that staying focused on what she’s doing to attract and retain business rather than what others are up to, will keep things on the right track.   

What have you learned from your years in the mind-body business? Leave us a comment below!