Halo® Trainer - 6 Pack

Halo® Trainer - 6 Pack
Halo® Trainer - 6 Pack
Halo® Trainer - 6 Pack 5.0 1 1 review
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An evolutionary device that incorporates strength work, flexibility training, overall conditioning, injury prevention and physical and occupational treatments. Great for group and one-on-one instruction, the Halo® Trainer is a friction-fitting ergonomic handlebar that works individually and with the Stability Ball™ to advance strength, muscle endurance, proprioception and stabilization. Workouts can start at a basic level then advance with options to progress or regress the degree of difficulty to meet the specific needs of the individual.

New and improved!

With a heavier gauge frame, thicker and more durable rubber grips, this all-new Halo Trainer is muscled-up version of the original. New easy-click connectors make it easy to assemble and dissemble for travel or storage!

A versatile addition to the professional toolbox! 

This dynamic tool integrates with popular equipment such as the BOSU® and TRX® making it a versatile addition to any fitness facility or home gym.

"The Halo Trainer…is one of those versatile pieces of equipment that ends up being a go-to for all client levels and abilities. My clients find themselves gravitating to the Halo to vary their training, and it offers them opportunities to optimize their working level. The Halo Trainer is a fantastic addition to your training repertoire."-As reviewed by Lindsay Vastola, editor of PFP media.

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  • Includes 6 x Halo Trainer with Stability Ball & Pump
  • Halo Trainer also works with 65cm Stability Ball
  • Core workouts for maximum efficiency
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble with easy click connectors
  • Versatile improvements on already popular equipment
  • Levels of difficulty defined for entry level to avid athlete
  • Provides opportunity for active aging programming
  • Controlled instability dampens exercise intimidation
  • Revenue-generating small group training available
  • Integrate corrective exercise into fitness for a comprehensive approach

How to Inflate your Stability Ball™

  1. Remove plug from ball with double pronged lifter
  2. Attach plastic needle to pump (on some pumps the needle is stored in the handle; remove small plug on end of plunger to locate storage compartment)
  3. Insert needle, inflate to desired firmness and replace plug

Note: For full inflation inflate ball, allow to rest for 2 days, and then complete inflation to ensure that ball is the proper size.

See product page for specs

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Halo Trainer - Perfect 6-pack 5

A wonderful tool

By , Ohio, United States on April 16, 2015

A wonderful tool for hitting multiple training targets.

Halo® Trainer
Halo® Trainer
Halo® Trainer with Stability Ball™ & Pump
Halo® Trainer with Stability Ball™ & Pump
BOSU PRO Balance Trainer
BOSU PRO Balance Trainer