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Rehab Accessory Bundle

Rehab Accessory Bundle
Rehab Accessory Bundle
SKU : ST06075
$790.00 CAD
$790.00 CAD

Includes many of our most popular rehab-focused props and accessories to drastically extend your programming options and meet your clients’ needs. See list of included items below.

Included items
Toning Ball (1 lb)4Increase intensity, strengthen arms and shoulders, and challenge stability with these fun and versatile soft handweights
Fitness Circle®2Its lightweight construction makes it the ideal prop for Matwork or Reformer programs to create added challenge or increased body awareness. Inner and outer foam grips provide extra comfort
Flex-Band® (Regular Strength)2At 78.75 in (200 cm) long, the Flex-Band adds upper or lower body resistance, increased stability or tactile focus to a wide variety of exercises
Foam Roller Deluxe2Improves stability, flexibility, balance and coordination. Made from durable and resilient EVA foam
Stability Ball (65 cm)2Made of latex-free, anti-burst polyvinyl with a non-slip, ribbed surface. It challenges torso stability while improving balance. Safety tested under 550 lbs (250 kg) pressure
Mini Stability Ball2Helps improve posture and develop greater strength and mobility with a major focus on core, back and periphery
Stability Cushion2Improve stability, strength and balance through the entire body while performing exercises in standing, sitting, kneeling, supine and prone positions
Rotational Disks (12 in · pair)1Improve strength and joint stabilization through rotational movements. These disks, used alone or in pairs, help increase mobility in hip and shoulder joints in various planes and positions
Gripper Mat1This versatile non-slip rubber mat increases traction and prevents slipping or sliding on the Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair. Ladder Barrel or even on the Mat
Eco-Friendly Pilates Pad1Non-slip, rubber pad that helps achieve correct positioning for a variety of exercises or to add extra cushioning on the mat or equipment
Foam Cushions A, B and C1 eaDesigned for extra comfort and support, these cushions help ensure ideal alignment and awareness when performing a wide variety of exercises on any piece of equipment. Made of high-density, closed-cell polyethylene foam

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