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ZEN•GA® Floorwork™: Upper & Lower Body Flow Workouts

ZEN•GA® Floorwork™: Upper & Lower Body Flow Workouts
ZEN•GA® Floorwork™: Upper & Lower Body Flow Workouts
SKU : DV83130
$39.99 CAD
$39.99 CAD

Within the world of intuitive play, these workouts use the Mini Stability Ball and Flex-Band® to increase strength, flexibility and resiliency of the upper, as well as the lower body. Inspired by ZEN•GA's Principles of Yield and Flow, this workout will guide you along a path to mind-body connection.

  • Workout level: Level 1
  • Language tracks: English
  • Required equipment: Exercise Mat, Mini Stability Ball (large & small), Flex-Band®
DVD contents
  • 24 exercises
  • Workout time: 60 / 60 min
  • DVD length: 160 min
  • Closed captioning
ZEN∙GA® - Mini Stability Ball & Flex-Band®: Upper Body Flow
  • Scapula to Palm
  • Side Breathing – Hug Side
  • Single Arm in Squat Stance
  • Alternating Arm Arcs
  • Fall & Recover
  • Body Bouncing
  • Side-To-Side Swings
  • Seated Series
  • Back Scratcher
  • Seated Puppet
  • Bouncing Lean
  • Pull Start in Kneeling Lunge
  • Around the Shoulder
  • Front/Back
ZEN∙GA® - Mini Stability Ball & Flex-Band®: Lower Body Flow
  • Breathing
  • Leg Integrator
  • Boxer Moves
  • Lunge Series
  • Cross Leg Squat
  • Wide-Stance Forward Bend
  • Forearm Plank Position
  • Three-Part Hip Series
  • Anterior Thigh Series
  • Supine Starfish
Bonus features
  • Includes 2 workouts - Mini Stability Ball & Flex-Band: Upper Body Flow and Mini Stability Ball & Flex-Band: Lower Body Flow
  • Merrithew® equipment & accessories overview
  • Find out about instructor training

Kim Kraushar is a leader and expert in the health and wellness industry. She is a Merrithew® Master Instructor Trainer and an integral member of the education programming team, representing STOTT PILATES®, ZEN∙GA®, CORE, Halo® Training and Total Barre®. Kim is the proud owner of Interlude Spas, one of the first Merrithew Licensed Training Centers in Canada.

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