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Ask the Expert: Roll Up

Ask the Expert: Roll Up

Q: I have a few clients that pull to one side when they are doing Roll Up or Rolling Like a Ball. Is there a prop you would suggest to help with this?


The Roll Up and Rolling Like a Ball are challenging exercises. Your client may or may not be able to fully execute these exercises depending on body proportion, lower back flexibility and hip flexor length and strength.

Try incorporating the Flex-Band into Half Roll Up or Half Roll Back on the Mat, while you continue to cue and encourage the client to utilize the obliques and rectus abdominus. You could also try Roll Down on the Cadillac to help facilitate abdominal strength without allowing the hip flexors to extend the lumbar spine and encourage balance throughout the obliques and abs.

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  1. claire | Nov 18, 2016

    I have a client recovering from brest cancer could you give me some ideas on what exercises are going to beneficial and which ones to be avoided?

    Many thanks

    Claire x

  2. Pacho | Nov 18, 2016

    For the Roll Up it greatly helps to place a towell/small cushion underneath the lumbar spine on the mat. This works as a wedge to allow the lumbar spine to roll with ease. The precaution here is not to make it too thick or it will create a bigger arch on the lumbar area.

    In Rolling like a Ball is a different matter because usually is due to an asymetrical muscle development on the spine mucles. One side is more/less developped than the other and rolling the body tends to fall to one side.

  3. carol | Nov 01, 2016
    I am an advance Pilates student but not able to properly do these exercises due to pain caused by my tailbone as I roll on the mat. I have to roll up on one side to avoid this. An extra mat or two helps, but does not completely fix the problem.
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