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Golf Conditioning: Torso Stability, Core, Spinal Rotation, Shoulders, Pecs, Wrists and Arms

Build up your powerhouse for a stronger swing, and lower score.

Join Moira Merrithew as she explains exercises for torso stability, core, spinal rotation, shoulders, pecs, wrists and arms on the V2 Max Plus™. 

To register for private golf conditioning sessions with our trained Instructors, contact our Studio at 647-725-0923.

Golf Conditioning Series: Warm-up, Neck and Shoulders
Golf Conditioning Series: Warm-up, Hip Joints
Golf Conditioning Series: Warm-up, Torso
Golf Conditioning Series: Warm-up, Swing Rotation
Golf Conditioning Series: Torso Stability and Hip Mobility
Golf Conditioning Series: Torso Stability, Spinal Rotation, Shoulders and Upper-mid Back

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