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2015 Mindful Movement Trends

2015 Mindful Movement TrendsIt’s always exciting to forecast the trends for the New Year – what will be the next big, ‘it’ thing?! Within the mind-body exercise category itself specifically we’ve made our predictions for the top five trends to watch out for this year:

  1. Time-Efficient Fitness. The excuse of not having time to exercise will soon be out the window. Studios are acknowledging clients who really do want to fit fitness into their day, but can’t necessarily commit to carving 60 minutes out of their schedules. Quick, results-oriented and efficient 30-minute classes are growing in popularity to accommodate these exercisers including at our own Toronto-based STOTT PILATES® Studio.
  2. Mind-Body Exercise for All. Through the Mindful Movement Revolution, we recognized that this style of exercise has grown to attract more than just the ‘zen’ set of the population. Everyone from NFL players, to celebrities, to rehab and active aging populations looking to regain mobility see and feel the benefits of including this type of workout in their exercise regime.
  3. Blended Programming. Mindful modalities need not be a separate entity from intense, sweat-filled workouts. Ensuring a thoughtful approach while performing exercise movements can go hand-in-hand. For example, CORE™ programming is designed to be thoughtful while supporting athlete’s goals of strength and power. From a product perspective, a tool rooted in mindfulness like the Halo® Trainer works well with popular, intense equipment like suspension training systems.
  4. Fitness Equipment That Fits. If you’re a small or home studio, large pieces like the Cadillac/Trapeze Table or a Reformer more than likely won’t be the best use of limited space. However, similar equipment-based programming can be performed with compact and versatile pieces like the Stability Chair, Tower Trainer, Spring Wall and Stability Barre.
  5. Increased Emphasis on Balance & Stability. Workouts and tools that challenge balance are in high demand. The concept of improving one’s balance resonates to everyone from golfers, to the elderly and even post-natal women – it truly captures every audience. Tools like the Stability Barrel, Stability Cushions, and even small equipment like Balance & Therapy Domes continue to grow in popularity.

What emerging trends are you seeing in your area of the world with mind-body exercise? Leave us a comment below!

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