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STOTT PILATES® Beyond the Biomechanical Principles


The STOTT PILATES Principles form the foundation of the STOTT PILATES Movement System and provide the initial framework for programming. These concepts, when applied appropriately and strategically, will facilitate awareness and ensure optimal alignment as well as appropriate engagement of required muscles in clients. For the instructor, these Principles act as a reference tool that can be continually utilized when systematically evaluating and correcting static and dynamic alignment through any and all movement sequences. In each case, we'll examine what the Principle is, why it is important within a programming context, and how we can use movement to reinforce and integrate it into the system as a whole. This workshop, created by the Merrithew programming team, presents the Principles and shows how they are related to movement patterns crucial to optimal function and discusses their application to any type of activity as a platform for instructors at any level.

Learning objectives

  1. Discover how the STOTT PILATES Principles form the foundation for any type of movement programming.
  2. Experience movements that illustrate the what, why and how of each Principle.
  3. Learn how the individual Principles support and facilitate movement patterns crucial for functional activity for all clients.
  4. Explore how the Principles have been evolved based on current scientific research in movement and exercise physiology.

Equipment used in this workshop

  • Mat

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