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STOTT PILATES® Studio Circuit Training


A fully equipped Pilates studio with Arc Barrel, Reformer, Cadillac and Stability Chair can be the ideal environment to offer a circuit training class for a small- or medium-sized group. In this workshop created by the programming team at Merrithew®, learn complementary exercises on each piece of equipment that, when combined, will create an exciting and motivating circuit-style class. Explore exercise layering for different fitness levels and discuss how to move clients safely and efficiently from one piece of equipment to the next so they can experience an effective full-body workout.

Learning objectives

  1. Learn exercises on the Arc Barrel, Reformer, Cadillac and Stability Chair.
  2. Understand movement essence and exercise goals.
  3. Learn how to teach the exercises in a small group setting with clients on each piece of equipment.
  4. Learn cues and corrections for safety and effectiveness.

Equipment used in this workshop

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