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Merrithew® Video Petition
Customized Repertoire Review

Complete the 2-part petition process to gain Continuing Education Credits by submitting a Video Customized Repertoire Review from Merrithew® Content.

  • Part 1 — Submit video petition
  • Part 2 — Upload the video content

Petition fee: $35.00 CAD$30.00 USD£15.00$35.00 CAD plus tax, where applicable, per 30-minute submission.

Note: Submitting the two-part petition does not guarantee you will receive STOTT PILATES® Continuing Education Credits (CECs). STOTT PILATES® Continuing Education Credits will only be awarded if the video meets the requirements outlined in the instructions.

  • Merrithew’s Education Programming Department will review the submission and provide feedback within 7-10 business days
  • The Petition fee is a non-refundable administrative fee, even if CECs are not awarded
  • For your Video Petition to be considered for the current year, you must submit the no later than December 31st for review

Description of video(s) to be submitted

Submit a 30-minute video of a customized workout you have created from the Merrithew repertoire and teach it to a client (including family members and friends) or yourself. You must include the following:

  • Client intake and Postural Analysis on the client (if you are teaching yourself, you must still complete this section) prior to taping the video. At the beginning of the video, introduce your client and give a brief overview of the information you gathered during the client intake and Postural Analysis for the assessors to reference including any injuries or concerns
  • Be sure to note any modifications you have used during your session and explain the reason for selecting said modification(s)
  • Clearly verbalize your cues and instructions to the client so that they are picked up on the video, and providing any necessary details on why you have made your programming choices

You will be evaluated and provided feedback on the following:

  • Ensuring all required aspects of the video are included, especially the client intake and Postural Analysis summary
  • Teaching abilities, cuing, programming, repertoire proficiency and safety will be evaluated and feedback will be provided

A variety of topics including, but not limited to exercises on specialized equipment training or special populations and conditions can be submitted.

Video submissions will not count towards STOTT PILATES Specialty Track Designations

Part 1 · Submit video petition

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Video petition information

For each submitted video please include video title, length of segment and CECs earned