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STOTT PILATES® The Knee: Stability and Function

The knee is a complex structure that can experience any number of injuries or conditions that interrupt normal functioning. This lecture/demo, developed by the MERRITHEW™ team, explores the anatomy and biomechanics involved in the normal healthy functioning of the knee, some of the dysfunctions that can occur and exercise progressions to restore normal movements. After looking at the available movements and functioning of the knee, common abnormal or dysfunctional movement patterns are addressed. Exercise progressions to rebuild normal muscle action and movement patterning are presented. Designed to prepare the body for specific activities and enhance performance, these exercises can challenge and promote optimal functioning.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand optimal function and movement patterns of the knee joint.
  2. Review anatomy and muscular involvement.
  3. Understand common dysfunctions.
  4. Learn exercises and progressions to optimize knee joint function.

Additional Details

Workshop Length: 2 hours (Matwork only, Reformer only, Matwork and Reformer)
3 hours (Matwork and Reformer or Matwork and Full Studio)
4 hours (Matwork, Reformer and Full Studio)
REPs 4.0
ACE 0.3
Equipment used in the Workshop:

Reformer: Full Studio:

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