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Calling All Personal Trainers: Enhance your Career with Mind-body Exercise

Enhance your Personal Training Career with Mind-body Exercise

Personal trainers know the benefits of connecting clients to their own bodies. Increased awareness of how the body is working and feeling in an exercise regimen can lead to more efficient moves, injury prevention and increased physical gains.

But what about the effects of a stronger mind-body connection for the personal trainer? Investing in mind-body education has myriad benefits that can contribute to a better bottom line.

Expand your client base

Merrithew, Leaders in Mindful Movement, offer a variety of mind-body modalities that can greatly increase a personal trainer’s client offerings, with branded programs, courses and workshops aimed at fitness professionals that span every level of physical ability, from post-rehab to elite athlete. Mind-body exercise provides opportunities to cater to a wider range of clients as the education can be regressed or progressed to work with different ages and fitness levels.

  • STOTT PILATES® is based on modern principles of exercise science and incorporate proper biomechanics and exercises that place emphasis on pelvic and scapular stabilization, thereby integrating all of the parts of the body into one.
  • CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training teaches personal trainers to be more aware of how the body is moving through an exercise and being particular about perfect movement execution. You learn to notice what is happening in the rest of the body when one area is targeted – like watching spinal alignment when working the glutes or focusing on the placement of the rib cage when performing pec flyes. It also means putting a focus on working the deeper stabilizing muscles, not only in the torso, but at each joint, instead of just targeting the “mirror” muscles.
  • Similarly, Halo® Training brings mindfulness to core integrated bodyweight training by bringing greater focus to position, muscular balance and form.

Support your existing training

Merrithew’s mind-body modalities are designed to dovetail with existing fitness modalities, and can provide layers and depth to the experience that personal trainers already have. Learn how to build post-rehab workouts for injured clients, or create a more challenging routine for clients who are gaining strength. Regardless of the level of ability, with a mind-body education you’ll learn how to adjust your existing routines to make the most of the modality you’re using with your client. Learn how to bring greater awareness to how the body is moving through an exercise and perfect movement execution. Mind-body education focuses on correct biomechanics, and will increase knowledge of what to notice when a particular area of the body is being targeted.

Know your limits

A unique benefit of mind-body exercise is the focus it brings to the body in the present moment, and this is key to maintaining your own optimum level of fitness in order to best serve your clientele. Increased awareness of your abilities and, more importantly, limits, is crucial in maintaining a thriving business even as you age. With mind-body education and practice you’ll learn to keep yourself safe, active and able to teach at every stage of your career.

Cater to a movement

The trend of mindfulness is growing, people’s desire to be more connected in mind and body is only increasing. This knowledge enables variety, creates opportunities to complement more intense forms of personal training and also provides options for working with clients during times of injury or to support injury prevention. While learning the benefits of mind-body and adding to your toolkit, don’t forget to apply your knowledge to your own self-care.

For more information on how a Merrithew education can help you, contact an Education Advisor at or call 1-800-910-0001 ext. 300.

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