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Fascinating Fascia: New Programming

Fascinating Fascia New Programming

Fascia, the connective tissue that weaves throughout all the organs, muscles and bones of the body, is a crucial element in maintaining overall health and optimal physical function.

Recent research has shed light on just how much fascia matters, from affecting range of motion in joints to the role it can play in injury prevention and healing. Like the musculoskeletal system, the fascial system changes in response to repeated stress and injury, and small changes in the fascia in one area of the body can ripple out and affect the body as a whole.

Though incredibly important, fascia is still one of the least understood tissues of the body. Which is why Merrithew is excited to announce brand-new programming based on the latest in cutting-edge fascial research. The Merrithew Fascial Movement Foundation Level One Course is intended for those already working in the fields of fitness, therapeutic movement or rehabilitation. The lecture component of the course reviews basic fascial anatomy and physiology and explores the latest research findings on the neuromyofascial skeletal system. The practical application component of the course introduces the proprietary Merrithew Fascial Movement Variables. These movement variables are applicable to all forms of exercise, including Pilates, yoga, dance, barre, athletic conditioning, sports performance and rehabilitation.

Merrithew will unveil the new fascia programming at the upcoming UK Symposium, where participants will learn:

  • To identify the components of fascia and explain its role and relevance to movement
  • Articulate the difference between tensegrity and traditional force and lever-based biomechanics
  • Define the Merrithew Fascial Movement Variables (FMV): Bounce, Sense, Expand and Hydrate
  • Develop programs for clients of all levels using Merrithew FMV’s

Click here for more information on the UK Symposium and the lineup of new Merrithew programming.