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Which Athlete Has Inspired You?

Inspirational Athletes

In the spirit of the upcoming Games in Brazil, we asked our Certified Instructors and Instructor Trainers which athlete has most inspired them and why. Here’s what they had to say:

David Taylor

David Taylor, Merrithew® Certified Instructor

“Growing up I was never athletic, I ran a little, but it was never anything structured. It wasn't until I read an article on Canada's "Iron Couple" (Peter Reid and Lori Bowden) that I felt my fire ignite. The passion and determination that both displayed inspired me to be the best athlete I could be. Today, Pilates has taken a firm hold on my life. As such, my inspiration also comes from the Pilates world. Master Instructor Trainer John Garey demonstrates such professionalism and excitement for STOTT PILATES® that it’s contagious. John has ignited my passion for athletic conditioning, and makes me want to be the best instructor I can be.”

Alexandra Morgan

Alexandra Morgan, Merrithew® Certified Instructor

“I’m lucky to have a source of inspiration close to home. My younger sister is currently dating Calgary Stampeder Rob Maver (punter). Maver was a first-round CFL draft pick in 2010. Over his seven seasons with the Stampeders, he has suffered and recovered from a potentially career-ending injury in 2011, has been named CFL League All Star, has helped win a Grey Cup (2014), and most recently partnered with Crohns and Colitis Canada to help spread awareness and advance treatment for IBD. It’s this level of commitment on the field, but also within the community, that I find especially admirable and inspiring.”

Bianca Bolissian

Bianca Bolissian, Merrithew® Certified Instructor & Lead Instructor Trainer

“I grew up in the ‘Basketball Capital of Brazil,’ Franca, always watching the NBA Games with my family and the Chicago Bulls was our team. Coming from the dance world I’ve always admired the artistry of Michael Jordan’s abilities. The strength, the power and the gracefulness combined. That's what impresses me. He will always be my favorite and most inspiring athlete of all time!”