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Reformer Series: STOTT PILATES® for Active Aging

Pilates for Active Aging

STOTT PILATES is perfect for the older exerciser because it helps improve postural problems, increases core strength, stability and peripheral mobility, helps prevent injuries, enhances functional fitness as a whole, improves balance, coordination and circulation, heightens body awareness and is low impact on the joints.

The raised carriages of Reformers are an added benefit for those who may find getting to the floor challenging. Many STOTT PILATES exercises can be adapted to address the specific needs of a wide range of adults, from active Boomers to those with restricted mobility who are better suited to working while seated. Because most STOTT PILATES exercises target the core, they strengthen the muscles necessary for balance and stability, key areas to work on as we age.

Consider using a Jumpboard instead of the footbar, as it provides a broader range of support for the feet.

Below are some suggestions for Reformer-based exercises for the active aging population.

For more information check out our range of active aging DVDs for great ideas on exercises and modifications for this age group.

Reformer Exercise for Lateral Chain

Starting Position

Place the Platform Extender on the Reformer next to the Jumpboard. Stand with one foot on the Platform Extender and one foot on the Reformer carriage. The hand nearest to the Jumpboard will hold the top of the Jumpboard for balance.


  • Inhale to prepare
  • Exhale – Slowly press the carriage away from the Platform Extender
  • Inhale – Slowly pull the foot back and carriage in to return to the starting position


  • Face toward the Jumpboard, with one foot on the Platform Extender and one foot on the carriage with both hands on the Jumpboard for balance.
  • Inhale to prepare
  • Exhale – Slowly press the carriage back to a lunge position
  • Inhale – Slowly return to the starting position

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