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Healthy Holidays for Kids: Mindful Movement Exercises, Part 3

‘Tis the season for rich foods and plenty of sweets. While indulging in some culinary Christmas cheer is par for the holiday course, some mindful movement exercise can help calm the sugar highs and mellow out the crashes from one too many candy canes. 

Regular, mindful exercise encourages mind-body awareness, which is key in regulating the appetite and knowing when the stomach is full. It can also help combat lethargy and aid in digestion. Seated Twists are especially good for gently massaging the digestive tract while strengthening core muscles.

Why not play some make-believe with the Fitness Circle®? Is it a crown, or a spaceship? Perhaps it’s a giant cookie, or a magic ring. The possibilities for infusing a playful sense of creative joy in mindful movement exercise are endless. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination loose!

For the following exercise, you’ll need a Fitness Circle® Toning Ring.

STARTING POSITION: Sit up tall with legs crossed, or stretched out straight in front of the body. Hold one Fitness Circle® Toning Ring in both hands, arms extended in front of the body.

INHALE: Prepare.

EXHALE: Twisting from the center of the torso, reach the arms towards the right side.

INHALE: Return to the starting position.

EXHALE: Change sides, twisting from the center of the torso and moving the arms to the left.

INHALE: Return to the starting position.

Repeat five times on each side.

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