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Add Barre Classes to Your Facility for Under $5,000

Add Barre Classes to Your Facility for Less Than $5,000

Since 2010, barre fitness have been expanding along the fitness landscape and this workout style shows no signs of slowing down. It’s no secret that a barre workout can effectively sculpt the body in a fun and exciting group atmosphere. If you haven’t already, consider capitalizing on this cost-effective, growing trend to attract new clients and drive revenue.

Typically, creating an equipment-filled studio can start at a basic budget of around $20,000 with no bells and whistles. Alternatively, with at least 400 sq. ft. and at less than ¼ of that cost, it’s easy to introduce a barre class that caters to a class size of 12, without even implementing any permanent fixtures. If you already have group fitness at your facility, there’s the added option to blend this into your current offerings, charging a premium rate for this type of specialty program. Here are three tips on how you can add a barre exercise to your existing facility for less than $5,000:

  • Stability Barres - The Stability Barre is the foundation of every barre workout. However, not every gym will want to have these mounted to their walls. A portable barre can used in an already-existing group class space, and then be easily moved out of the way when not in use. For a class of 12 participants, we recommend three six-foot parallel Stability Barres that allow for rigorous, multi-faced exercises, plus a single Stability Barre of the same length for the instructor. This setup style caters perfectly to energetic groups, allowing all of the participants to view one another, as well as their instructor for cueing.
  • Props & Accessories – Variety is the spice of life for any and every barre workout. Keep your clients guessing and challenged by incorporating simple yet cost-effective tools like Mini Stability Balls, Soft Dumbbells and Flex-Band® & Exercisers.
  • Host Education – Train staff on-site through our Hosting Program, designed so your instructors can incorporate their learnings after completing the training program. By opening up training to instructors from outside of your facility, there’s also the opportunity to turn a profit from hosting courses and workshops! Hosting on-site barre workshops gives your staff the tools that bring new programming options to attract new clients.

Have you added barre to your facility? Leave us a comment and let us know how your barre program was received by the community and what, if any, challenges you faced launching it.