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Spot the Difference: Camel Pose Exercise

During your ZEN•GA practice (and actually, for every mind-body practice!) ensure that you or your clients have top form in order to reap top results. In the latest edition of Spot the Difference, Lead Instructor Trainer Sarah Jarvis uses the Jumpboard on the Reformer to demonstrate a modification of the Camel Pose – can you identify which version is correct and which needs to be tweaked?

Version A

Version B

Scroll down to see how to perform this pose perfectly!

Version B is correct!

  1. Even spinal extension. For optimal support and to prevent muscle strain, Sarah maintains full cervical, thoracic and lumbar extension.

  2. Scapular stability. Sarah corrected the medial rotation of her shoulder and can now properly support an open chest and better facilitate extension.

  3. Open rib cage. This form adjustment enables thoracic extension.