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Ask the Expert: Hip Replacement

Ask the Expert: Hip Replacement

Q: I had a hip replacement and did STOTT PILATES® until the day before my surgery. Now, I am limited in what I can do. I cannot sit on the floor or bend from the waist. Is there a workout I can do to aid in my recovery?


The best way to create a workout to help you with your recovery is to work with a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor who has trained in Injuries and Special Populations, or who has trained in STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation. This Instructor would be able to assist you in creating a program while keeping the guidelines below in mind:

  • Avoid flexion beyond 90 degrees (sitting beyond 90 degrees)
  • Avoid combining internal rotation and adduction (turning the knees inward and bringing the legs closer together)
  • Avoid combining flexion, abduction and external rotation (sitting with the legs away from the body and knees turned out)
  • Cautiously work towards weight bearing in the hip
  • Avoid lying on the side of the replaced hip
  • Use a spacer such as a small ball or block between the knees to maintain hip distance apart
  • Avoid overworking your back muscles
  • Work on strengthening the gluteus maximus

Try using our Instructor Finder to locate the right Instructor for you in your area.